So the big news is I have to move this summer from my apartment. It’s ok though my family doesn’t like it here much anyway. I actually I’ve been holding this in I got the info on the 25th of May. I told myself I was gonna focus on finals first and then moving. I thought I could always pack up some stuff I wasn’t using. And get rid of stuff I don’t need by selling it or donating it.

I will not miss the kids who played soccer by my window, all the late night dumpster diving, 24 hour dumpster diving, people from the other apartments taking your assigned parking space, the hot bathrooms lights that you have to turn on the fan to use they are not separate, having a bathroom with no window, neighbors cooking stinky food, by bedroom window being by a dumpster, people fighting and yelling at all hours of the day, and a bunch of other bad stuff.

What will I miss really? Is there anything I will miss?

I think I may have developed claustrophobia here. I remember a few weeks ago I was riding the bus and it was really stuffy inside for some reason. It made me think of the stuffy apartment. I felt trapped in the bus.

I’m just itching to move somewhere else.