Due to poor communication between the tenants and the owner of the building I only had 2 days to pretty much prepare to be stuck in my apartment for 2 weeks. Well weekdays only. So for I bought a lot of food and stuff. It seems like this guy is just trying to make this place worse and worse. I feel like when George in Seinfeld kept getting locked out of his office to use the handicapped toilet.

The only problem is that there is usually lack of notice. But that wouldn’t be the first time! The last manager who lived on the property would “forget” to give notice about things all the time. I remember the last time they did this and nobody knew what was going on. Power washed the place and other people were complaining a bunch of water got in their apartment.

The only thing I hope for is some mild weather. I would not want to be trapped in a stuffy hot apartment in 109 degree Fahrenheit weather.

So my mom and I decided to give it a fun name. “Hunker in the Bunker”. Why not have fun with it? We’re stuck here anyway.