Like I said before we are pretty much trapped in here. Just my luck somebody bought something I was selling online. So I had to walk to the post office to mail it.

So they painted the building today. I had to sweet talk the painters when they were almost done to take the plastic off my apartment windows. I think they thought everybody had an inner window. Mine doesn’t it’s in the corner. That’s why summer is usually pretty unbearable here. They took them off almost all the windows except the one to my room. I told my mom I had to use what was that fancy acting word I learned again? “Tactics”. Maybe I did learn something?

I saw that new To Tell the Truth and it’s pretty awful! Why do they have a house band? That show doesn’t need a house band. The rule about the lie on Twitter? Then they have this part when after a person is revealed and there are 2 people left they hear another story and have a 50/50 chance of identifying this person. Plus having Anthony Anderson’s mom as score keeper? This show is just trying too hard to be hip. IMHO.