I got my Poli Sci grade, and it’s a “B” so thankfully I don’t have to take it again. Now all I need is math, and classes for my major. I’d like to pack the semester, but I’m not sure. I need to see a counselor.

I think I’ve been inhaling too many paint fumes. I keep wheezing. I think this is some form of punishment. Quite a few tenants got told to leave. We are just stuck here. It’s like the Gwen Stefani song “Red Flag” with the line “this is your punishment!”. We keep getting these strange notices about the painting that make no sense. I need to leave on the 21st I want my free taco! It was funny when I heard people from the other apartments who said the colors they were painting them were pretty ugly.

I’m dealing with some annoying ebayer. I really wanted to sell some things before I moved. Oh well.