Back School Craft Videos — July 31, 2016

Back School Craft Videos

So I have been watching a bunch of back to school DIY craft videos. Excuse me for sounding like an old lady but when did “Tumblr” become an adjective? It’s all like Tumblr notebook, Tumblr pencil case, Tumblr phone case, Tumblr maxi pads, Tumblr hubcaps, etc.

After a while all those craft videos are showing SOS crafts. They are all the same washi tape pencils, triangle notebooks, gold accent notebooks, painted pencils, chalk label notebooks and donut notebooks which I didn’t realize was a thing. IDK I just like donuts. Please show me something I have not seen before! Some of these ideas are great until you realize you made some of your plain school supplies not all that functional. Like gluing a bunch of stuff to a notebook cover it makes the notebooks too lumpy to write on. I know I speak from experience. Usually I’m really just looking for a new way to decorate my diaries.

Why are they acting like the clear front pocket binder that is decorated is like a new thing or concept? We used to do that back in the 90s! (I do sound like an old lady by writing that.)

I did like this video. It brought something different to the table. Highly recommended for Sailor Moon fans.


Moving on a Jumbled Phone Line — July 30, 2016

Moving on a Jumbled Phone Line

I was going to write about all the agony of this recent move.

But the UTB channel going off the air was a very pressing and personal matter that could not wait. So I decided to blog about that first.

First the cheap ass movers my dad hired were horrible. They didn’t even bother to set up our furniture not even a little. Incompetent dolts they were.

We didn’t have any phone service or internet for over a week. My mom had called to change the phone service a week before we moved. They told us it would be switched over on the 20th. So on the 20th I check out the landline phone it was all jumbled up with somebody else’s number. When I call Frontier to ask what the problem is they tell me that neither my mom or I are not authorized users so we could not change the service. I tell them they have been sucking since April when they cut off like everybody’s internet for the weekend. My dad had to call. So he called on Saturday. They could not help him either. But he did make us authorized users. Monday still not phone or internet. I call Tuesday and ask why has nobody come. So they are going to send somebody out the next day from 8-5. I scream at them telling them that they suck and why is it an 8 hour window. They also ask me to take a customer satisfaction survey. I tell them I don’t need to I already know they suck. The next day I waited all day for somebody to come by 3PM I lose it. I call them again asking for my technician. They put me on hold for over an hour! While I’m on hold I get the jumbled up phone line again. The people on the other line are complaining that all they can hear is music. I was really starting to lose it. They could not expalin anything to me. I was screaming at Frontier on the phone. They told me they were going to some mixed up address. I told them “I KNOW YOU ARE PAID TO SAY ‘SORRY’! I HAVE HAD NO INTERNET FOR OVER A WEEK AND MY PHONE LINE IS ALL JUMBLED! FIX IT! ” I was losing my mind. I mean why can’t they just listen to what I have to say!? Finally at almost 5PM a guy comes to fix it. It took him like 90 minutes to fix everything.

Frontier is on the new Frontier of suckage.

A tribute to UTB Hollywood Channel 18.2 — July 29, 2016

A tribute to UTB Hollywood Channel 18.2

Devastated to find this!


Upcoming Changes to UTB‘s Broadcasting Channel and Broadcast Schedule

Until now we have been broadcasting on channel 18.2 as a 24 hour a day television station.
Starting on September 11th, 2016 we will be switching from channel 18.2 to KSCI channel 18.1.
We will air our programs starting at 6:30pm to 8:00pm every Sunday.

Channel 18.1 is the main channel for KSCI and serves both the Los Angeles and Orange County areas.
It will be free over the air but will also be available through other cable and satellite services such as Time Warner Cable, DIRECTV, and U-verse TV.

Programs that will air from September 11th will be NHK Taiga drama “Sanadamaru”, Japanese music talk show “Enkame”, and local community news program “SoCal Japan”.

The current programming on channel 18.2 will broadcast until September 3rd, 2016.”

Too bad the programs they are salvaging are nothing I currently watch. As of now I’m only watching 4 of the programs they show. Three of them are anime; Love Live!, Astro Boy (1980), Detective Conan, and Ama-Chan.

It’s funny because when I was moving I found my old UTB magazines, and I was thinking about all the great programs I saw on that channel before I read that. I found an unfinished diary from 2011 I remember watching Good Job and Bad Boy Good Girl back then. I also used to decorate my diaries with pictures/screencaps from the various shows on that channel live action and animated programming.

I realized I had so many memories of this channel writing about and making references to the various programming on my blogs throughout the years. Like that time I won that wallet from the station. And that other time I wrote about babymetal and the J-drama My Little Nightmare. Perhaps I needed to buy more products from the sponsors of the channel? I do buy Kikkoman sauces and the occasional Daylee food product.

It reminded of when my music video show Are-Oh-Vee ended in 2001, and I was in distress.

I remember writing to my dead friend about it. I forgot what she wrote me, but it was very amusing. She was funny like that. Which is funny since I was thinking about recommending the show Ama-Chan to my pen pal. I thought he would like it with English subtitles of course. Or like the Arthur cartoon “The Last of Mary Moo Cow“. When D.W. finds out that The Mary Moo Cow Show is cancelled she gets depressed. Because it got cancelled she imagines the world being a depressing place.

I guess I can look online to see if I can find the rest of the Astro Boy series and Detective Conan which is still ongoing in Japan.

It was good while it lasted. I saw a lot of great programs on this channel.

Anime: Astro Boy, Detective Conan, Fantastic Children, Eureka Seven, True Tears, Sola, Remi, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, The Gutsy Frog, Sherlock Hound, Lupin the 3rd, Love Live! and DLE anime.

Children’s Programming: Ultraman Tiga, Ultraman Dyna, Ultraman Gaia, and I Can Speak Japanese. 

Dramas: The Reaper, Hanawa Sisters, Bad Boy Good Girl, Hanasaki Mai Speaks Out!, Marumo’s Story, My Little Nightmare, Good Job, Gooko’s Life, After dinner Mysteries, Mita the Housekeeper, and The Reason I can’t Find My Love.

Variety Shows: Dotch Cooking Show, 3 Minute Cooking, Eye Popping Science, and The secret is out Hometown Pride.

Asadora (morning dramas): Oshin, Ama-chan, and Chiritotechin.

There were other things I watched on the channel like this special called Goldfish and another special called Ubaste. The new years special programming showing of the Lupin movie The Castle of Cagliostro.

And let’s not forget all those Japan Video Topics and Japanese tourism videos. The one with the talking Hello Kitty was my favorite!

I guess I can watch some NHK World shows on 28.4, but it just won’t be the same. 😦

UTB Hollywood 18.2

April 1, 2009-September 3, 2016

The only good thing I can see out of this is that without the channel I will have more time to do other things like get a job or something.

I wonder if anything will replace it?

Elective City — July 16, 2016

Elective City

My date to register for classes was today. I was just hoping the computer could make it, and it did. I was thinking why I got a bad registration date and I think it was punishment for dropping those 3 classes for the past 3 semesters. All the good statistics classes were taken like I thought. The only ones that were left were with professors with really low ratings and inconvenient times like 7PM or 4 hour classes at a reasonable time one day a week. I refuse to take anything else but statistics. I learned that lesson the hard way. Stupid mislabeled “College Algebra” that was really pre-calculus. That class was really hard even if I did study more, and watched less game shows. The math tutors at the school can be a little haughty there or at least the ones I’ve met. When I was there in tutoring I felt like “WILL SOMEBODY PLEASE JUST EXPLAIN THIS TO ME?!”Oh well there is always next semester. The thing that really sucks is that it is the last general education class I need. For whatever reason math classes are hard to get, and plus it’s the fall semester and there will be that influx of high school seniors as college freshman. And no matter what I’ll still have to get a graphic calculator.

So I moved onto electives. I figured I have to accomplish something this semester. I signed up for diction. The bad thing about the diction class is that it’s during the dreaded 9:45AM class glut. 😡 It was the only convenient time the class was offered. I think it might have also been offered at night, but I’m not sure. I could stand to take a diction class even if I didn’t need it for my major. I talk like a Valley Girl fer sure! You know like that song. BTW I really like that song.

I thought I need something more so I signed up for another elective for my major. But now I’ll be going to school 4 days a week with Fridays off one class per day. I’m not sure about this other class though I might drop the class before the semester starts. The other professor had a review that said she likes to do group work. No thank you! Or I could go and see it for the 1st session and see if it is for me or not. The only other option seemed to be the forensics team. Me? On the forensics team? Going around performing speeches competitively? I think I’ll pass on that one.



Kool-Aid and Are-oh-vee — July 14, 2016

Kool-Aid and Are-oh-vee

I found this thing.

I remember one time I brought it to my neighbor’s house to listen to some music and when she first saw it she thought I was being greedy and only brought one drink. I don’t drink Great Bluedini flavor anyway.

I found some more of my DVDs of Are-oh-vee episodes that I had converted from VHS. I forgot I made those DVDs before I moved.

Here is a screen cap of Shane and Diana from the show.


Deconstructed Moon — July 11, 2016

Deconstructed Moon

My dad asked if I wanted to go out for my half birthday yesterday. What?! We are moving.

I found a diary I thought I lost for at least 2 months. I was freaking out! I thought I accidentally threw it in the trash. It was a very special dairy! I wrote about the first No Doubt show I ever went to.

I am sad to say that I had to dismantle my Sailor Moon lunchbox craft. It was about 16 years old and collapsing. Perhaps I can build a new one with better materials? The old one was built with manila folders, making tape, and construction paper.

A bunch of the glitter fell off I didn’t use anything to seal it. After it was dismantled it looked like somebody had played Golden Road in my apartment.

Hey youtube crafters are you listening. Myfroggystuff (hint hint hint)

Here are the pieces I saved.

Plastic Memories — July 8, 2016

Plastic Memories

When I was packing for the move I found my pikachu treasure keeper. Which was mentioned in this blog entry.

As you can see the ears have paint coming off. Both the ear tips and nose have been repainted. But the nose is not as noticeable in the photos.


I found these in the same box. I noticed that my old Hello Kitty key chain and plastic Pekkle (He was on top of a pencil sharpener.) Have yellowed a lot! Those are both old they are from at least 1994.

(items featured in blog entry are not for sale)

Prognosis Positive — July 6, 2016

Prognosis Positive

The diagnosis is that the computer is really old and its not worth repairing and it will eventually die. I know whats gonna happen my dad is going to continue to ignore that it is broken, but keep complaining to me that it is.

It’s 6 years old. We got it in February 2010. The last one we had lasted from 2002 to 2010. Although it was giving me a lot of problems starting in 2008.

After we go that news we took it back home and hooked it up again. I decided to backup a lot of my files.

So now we have to decide what to do about it.


Miscellaneous July Blog — July 5, 2016

Miscellaneous July Blog

I tried one of those key lime Ghostbusters Twinkies. They are ok. They are not terrible and they are not the best Twinkie I’ve even had. I think my dad might like them. He likes some variation in his Twinkies. Although he hasn’t tired one yet.

I might be gone for a while. I’m taking my computer into be fixed today.