My dad asked if I wanted to go out for my half birthday yesterday. What?! We are moving.

I found a diary I thought I lost for at least 2 months. I was freaking out! I thought I accidentally threw it in the trash. It was a very special dairy! I wrote about the first No Doubt show I ever went to.

I am sad to say that I had to dismantle my Sailor Moon lunchbox craft. It was about 16 years old and collapsing. Perhaps I can build a new one with better materials? The old one was built with manila folders, making tape, and construction paper.

A bunch of the glitter fell off I didn’t use anything to seal it. After it was dismantled it looked like somebody had played Golden Road in my apartment.

Hey youtube crafters are you listening. Myfroggystuff (hint hint hint)

Here are the pieces I saved.