Devastated to find this!


Upcoming Changes to UTB‘s Broadcasting Channel and Broadcast Schedule

Until now we have been broadcasting on channel 18.2 as a 24 hour a day television station.
Starting on September 11th, 2016 we will be switching from channel 18.2 to KSCI channel 18.1.
We will air our programs starting at 6:30pm to 8:00pm every Sunday.

Channel 18.1 is the main channel for KSCI and serves both the Los Angeles and Orange County areas.
It will be free over the air but will also be available through other cable and satellite services such as Time Warner Cable, DIRECTV, and U-verse TV.

Programs that will air from September 11th will be NHK Taiga drama “Sanadamaru”, Japanese music talk show “Enkame”, and local community news program “SoCal Japan”.

The current programming on channel 18.2 will broadcast until September 3rd, 2016.”

Too bad the programs they are salvaging are nothing I currently watch. As of now I’m only watching 4 of the programs they show. Three of them are anime; Love Live!, Astro Boy (1980), Detective Conan, and Ama-Chan.

It’s funny because when I was moving I found my old UTB magazines, and I was thinking about all the great programs I saw on that channel before I read that. I found an unfinished diary from 2011 I remember watching Good Job and Bad Boy Good Girl back then. I also used to decorate my diaries with pictures/screencaps from the various shows on that channel live action and animated programming.

I realized I had so many memories of this channel writing about and making references to the various programming on my blogs throughout the years. Like that time I won that wallet from the station. And that other time I wrote about babymetal and the J-drama My Little Nightmare. Perhaps I needed to buy more products from the sponsors of the channel? I do buy Kikkoman sauces and the occasional Daylee food product.

It reminded of when my music video show Are-Oh-Vee ended in 2001, and I was in distress.

I remember writing to my dead friend about it. I forgot what she wrote me, but it was very amusing. She was funny like that. Which is funny since I was thinking about recommending the show Ama-Chan to my pen pal. I thought he would like it with English subtitles of course. Or like the Arthur cartoon “The Last of Mary Moo Cow“. When D.W. finds out that The Mary Moo Cow Show is cancelled she gets depressed. Because it got cancelled she imagines the world being a depressing place.

I guess I can look online to see if I can find the rest of the Astro Boy series and Detective Conan which is still ongoing in Japan.

It was good while it lasted. I saw a lot of great programs on this channel.

Anime: Astro Boy, Detective Conan, Fantastic Children, Eureka Seven, True Tears, Sola, Remi, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, The Gutsy Frog, Sherlock Hound, Lupin the 3rd, Love Live! and DLE anime.

Children’s Programming: Ultraman Tiga, Ultraman Dyna, Ultraman Gaia, and I Can Speak Japanese. 

Dramas: The Reaper, Hanawa Sisters, Bad Boy Good Girl, Hanasaki Mai Speaks Out!, Marumo’s Story, My Little Nightmare, Good Job, Gooko’s Life, After dinner Mysteries, Mita the Housekeeper, and The Reason I can’t Find My Love.

Variety Shows: Dotch Cooking Show, 3 Minute Cooking, Eye Popping Science, and The secret is out Hometown Pride.

Asadora (morning dramas): Oshin, Ama-chan, and Chiritotechin.

There were other things I watched on the channel like this special called Goldfish and another special called Ubaste. The new years special programming showing of the Lupin movie The Castle of Cagliostro.

And let’s not forget all those Japan Video Topics and Japanese tourism videos. The one with the talking Hello Kitty was my favorite!

I guess I can watch some NHK World shows on 28.4, but it just won’t be the same. 😦

UTB Hollywood 18.2

April 1, 2009-September 3, 2016

The only good thing I can see out of this is that without the channel I will have more time to do other things like get a job or something.

I wonder if anything will replace it?