I was going to write about all the agony of this recent move.

But the UTB channel going off the air was a very pressing and personal matter that could not wait. So I decided to blog about that first.

First the cheap ass movers my dad hired were horrible. They didn’t even bother to set up our furniture not even a little. Incompetent dolts they were.

We didn’t have any phone service or internet for over a week. My mom had called to change the phone service a week before we moved. They told us it would be switched over on the 20th. So on the 20th I check out the landline phone it was all jumbled up with somebody else’s number. When I call Frontier to ask what the problem is they tell me that neither my mom or I are not authorized users so we could not change the service. I tell them they have been sucking since April when they cut off like everybody’s internet for the weekend. My dad had to call. So he called on Saturday. They could not help him either. But he did make us authorized users. Monday still not phone or internet. I call Tuesday and ask why has nobody come. So they are going to send somebody out the next day from 8-5. I scream at them telling them that they suck and why is it an 8 hour window. They also ask me to take a customer satisfaction survey. I tell them I don’t need to I already know they suck. The next day I waited all day for somebody to come by 3PM I lose it. I call them again asking for my technician. They put me on hold for over an hour! While I’m on hold I get the jumbled up phone line again. The people on the other line are complaining that all they can hear is music. I was really starting to lose it. They could not expalin anything to me. I was screaming at Frontier on the phone. They told me they were going to some mixed up address. I told them “I KNOW YOU ARE PAID TO SAY ‘SORRY’! I HAVE HAD NO INTERNET FOR OVER A WEEK AND MY PHONE LINE IS ALL JUMBLED! FIX IT! ” I was losing my mind. I mean why can’t they just listen to what I have to say!? Finally at almost 5PM a guy comes to fix it. It took him like 90 minutes to fix everything.

Frontier is on the new Frontier of suckage.