So I have been watching a bunch of back to school DIY craft videos. Excuse me for sounding like an old lady but when did “Tumblr” become an adjective? It’s all like Tumblr notebook, Tumblr pencil case, Tumblr phone case, Tumblr maxi pads, Tumblr hubcaps, etc.

After a while all those craft videos are showing SOS crafts. They are all the same washi tape pencils, triangle notebooks, gold accent notebooks, painted pencils, chalk label notebooks and donut notebooks which I didn’t realize was a thing. IDK I just like donuts. Please show me something I have not seen before! Some of these ideas are great until you realize you made some of your plain school supplies not all that functional. Like gluing a bunch of stuff to a notebook cover it makes the notebooks too lumpy to write on. I know I speak from experience. Usually I’m really just looking for a new way to decorate my diaries.

Why are they acting like the clear front pocket binder that is decorated is like a new thing or concept? We used to do that back in the 90s! (I do sound like an old lady by writing that.)

I did like this video. It brought something different to the table. Highly recommended for Sailor Moon fans.