I don’t care About fake Emails — August 31, 2016

I don’t care About fake Emails

I had an assignment to make a professional sounding voice mail. I used this video. All I did was type in something like “how to leave a professional voice mail” or something like that. All I really did was watch the video and copied/did what the lady told me to do.

I was wearing my shirt that says “I don’t care” on it. Then the teachers are like “do you not care?” I just like to wear that shirt because it is thin. Maybe I should stop wearing it on the first week of school. My former math teacher questioned the same thing. That was not me not caring it was me not remembering math facts.

We got into groups. i had to give the disclaimer to my group that I have a very old flip phone. They said they liked it better because it was easier to operate. What? That old thing? Ok then! ^-^

At first they really liked my message, but then they thought it needed more info. I don’t mind. I still got it. See? I didn’t need all those school hack videos because I already got the knowledge and experience. I have been in school way too long. I didn’t want my message to be shared with the class anyway. It wasn’t that good.

I asked the teacher if I could use a really old edition of the book I got online. In case he was going to tell me something like “the book you bought is garbage”. He asked to see it. I’ve been carrying it around with me since Monday. He said it was still good. (even if the book said copyright 1996). I just saved myself a lot of money. If I remember correctly the newest 15th edition is selling for about $270 at the school book store. I used a book I got for about $2 on Amazon not including shipping.

On the bus ride home I got this strange phone call. Why don’t people who are looking for employees not identify who they are and which company they are from? It really irked me since I had just learned that in class. They guy seemed really high pressure. I didn’t even say if I was going to accept the interview yet. I wasn’t sure if I was really a good fit for it. The guy said he sent me an email that I had not checked. I’ve been trying to down play that I go to school because I really need a job and I’m ready to leave if I need to. My mom says I shouldn’t be so quick to throw school out the window since I’m so close to finishing. When I got home There was no email! I checked twice!

Talking to Animals? — August 29, 2016

Talking to Animals?

I had to get up really early to get to the bus to my class. the thing I don’t like about where I live is that is is near nothing.

The bus was crowded but not too crowded. I thought I was going to see a bunch of people in general wearing their Seniors! 2016 shirts.

The bad thing is that this place is past the turf accounting building which is up the hill. Past where my speech class was held. Why do they hold communications classes in the agricultural buildings? Is it so we can learn to talk to the animals and plants? The building looks like a converted barn. Part of it is gutted. 😦 So I have to enter from a different door.

Well at least we didn’t have to do introductions. I thought that was like a thing you know like the stupid “communications students need to be out going” or some shit like that. I had a spiel prepared for nothing.

We have this assignment where we have to write about practicing our diction. But I’m not really sure what to write about. You have to do it twice a week. Maybe I’ll just watch some youtube videos or something. This guy doesn’t know I like sports announcers (good ones) and game shows.

The other problem is that they built the school somewhat walking friendly or so they say. The one side of the street has no sidewalk and it’s up a steep hill.

After the horrible time I had I’m not sure if I want to go back. But if I don’t I will be taking no classes this semester. There are a few problems this is the only time it is offered in the fall, I need it for my major (if i even finish college), the only time it is offered is in that 9:45AM class glut, and he is the only guy at the school who teaches it. I don’t know anymore. I’m really more interested in going to that hobbyist education program more than anything now. I don’t want to think about/be bothered with anything else and that includes school. My desire to go may be clouding my judgement a little.

I’m so tired from all that walking.

I caught the end of Ama-chan it was a good ending like you would expect from an asadora.

“Pokemans” Doing Laundry — August 25, 2016

“Pokemans” Doing Laundry

I went shopping and I did find some shirts. I got some “Pokymans” shirts. I know how to spell that correctly. ;P I was just thinking about when Pokémon first came out and people were calling it “pokeman” or “pokemen”. I had to settle. I really want to buy a majority of my clothes online.

I went to the craft store to find that particular tape I was looking for. I think/feel I was over charged. And when I was leaving I found $10 in the parking lot! Lucky! That is going into the craft project I’m going to start. I hope to have it finished by Thanksgiving although its not a Thanksgiving or holiday craft.

While I was in the laundry aisle some guy asked if my mom and I were people who run a cleaning business or something like that. I’m looking for a particular Tide formula. Now that we have a washing machine I can get the soap I want as long as it is comparable with the type of machine we have. He just kept talking about his kids to random people. People like people like that? No?

Not Too Prepared — August 24, 2016

Not Too Prepared

So school is starting in less than a week! I feel I’m not all that prepared. Well I did get a correct copy of the book from a different seller off Amazon.

I need to repack my backpack since I was using it for moving. I did manage to find it.

Plus I need to practice my greeting or introduction or whatever. “Hello, I enjoy old game shows and writing my major is communications.” There, done. XD I do like to be mentally prepared for any question they throw at me. Even the crazier ones like “Who is your favorite US President?” I don’t know. Polk? FDR?

I even read part of the book. Hopefully I will be up on my game by doing that. That is more of a case by case basis thing.

I’ve been having some strange ass dreams. Good dreams, bad dreams, nightmares. I think they have a lot of symbolism in them. I’m not sleeping too well. I’m still not used to waking up at the new place. I still think I’m waking up at the old place. That is a problem. Once at my old apartment I woke up and thought I was at a house I lived at 10 years ago. It was that bad. But the pony curtains are helping a little.


Shopping for the Emperor — August 23, 2016

Shopping for the Emperor

I went looking for clothes at the mall, and I can’t find anything! Either the clothes were not in my size, made out of a bad fabric (too thin or 100% polyester), or nothing I would want to wear. I thought there’d be some better clothes out there. You know some good 90sish revival stuff or something. Nothing!

Then I thought about that Jewel song “Who Will Save Your Soul” and the opening lyrics “People living their lives for you on T.V.
They say they’re better than you and you agree” well just substitute the word “tv” with “internet”. I was thinking about how people try look all stylish in their blogs and stuff.

Then I started to have that fear plague me. The “I’m in my 30s so I should be dressing like somebody in that age range” fear. I think this is one of the ways I trick people, well not purposely. I dress like I’m young. It’s not that I go around telling people I’m over 30. I told my mom I don’t want to be a 40 year old lady in a Sailor Moon shirt. After I thought about it I probably will. ideally when I’m 40 I should wear scarves and chokers to hide all the neck wrinkles, grown up clothes and some sensible flats. I need to wear flats because of my ankle problems. Why did I take fashion advice from her?! My mom dresses horribly! XoX

I guess I’m going to have to get my clothes online. Brick and mortar stores are dead.


Miscellaneous August Blog — August 17, 2016

Miscellaneous August Blog

I told my dad what reddit was. I was telling him I was reading the LA Rams subreddit. While we were watching the perseason game. I wonder if KABC7 remembers if anybody remembers that old show they used to show after Monday Night Football called Monday Night Live? They are going to do a long post game show after college football dedicated to the Rams.

I finally got some curtains up in my room. My Little Pony ones. I really wanted Hello Kitty ones, but they didn’t have any at the store. I didn’t like the design of the Minnie Mouse ones. If they were sold out of ponies I would have gotten Minions or something plain.

Is duck tape not popular anymore? It was really cheap and at a super deep discount at the Walmart. The only bad thing is that I cannot find the printed design for the particular craft I want to make. I’m not sure if other brands make a similar printed design.

School hacks — August 13, 2016

School hacks

Ok so there are a lot of videos and stuff about school hacks and tips and such.

Eat big breakfast and put some meat in it if you like to eat meat. Or I guess some protein like nuts or beans.

Evaluate how dumb your teachers are. In the sense of who you can fool. Some are easier to fool than others. This is on a case by case basis.

I don’t really have a lot of packing tips just to take what you need. If you are a girl and need your uh… lady things make sure to pack a lot of those because sometimes that can be unpredictable. Other emergency things I pack are bandages regular and blister heel ones, extra pens that I never remove from my backpack, and some hand sanitizer. I don’t really wear makeup, so I don’t pack that.

I like to eat based on my moods and the class subject if I’m taking a performance based class I will eat a lot of candy and sugar. If it is another class I will usually eat like sandwiches or something. I do like jerky for any class. I like jerky because it’s portable dried meat. I prefer pork or beef jerkys. I’m not into kawaii looking food. If if looks good but tastes horrible I won’t eat it. I’m a very picky eater. And if I’m really desperate for energy I could always have “pageant crack“.

I just want to say that if you have made any of those slime, galaxy glitter or lava school supplies. They won’t last long they will dry up and look stupid all dried up.

I have tested these myself, and they work for me personally. They may or may not work for you.

Cruel Summer — August 11, 2016

Cruel Summer

This summer is almost as bad as the summer of 2013. That summer was really horrible. Well except for my pen pal he was like the lone highlight of that summer. Although we didn’t communicate to each other until around Labor Day.

You know 2015 was pretty bad too while I was constantly being pestered by an annoying hobbyist. And there were some other things going down. You can read about that in this blog.

Let’s see what bad things have happened this summer so far. I had to move, I incurred more debt, UTB is going off the air, I got the wrong book order, and probably a bunch of other stuff I forget.

My mom actually thinks its a good thing UTB is going off the air. I guess… *shrugs* When the commercial announcement aired I pretended to be a little shocked. She thinks me watching that channel is eating up too much of my time and makes me not want to do anything. I don’t care I look back on it as watching some great programming.

Maybe this summer will not end on a sour note. At least I’m going back to school.

Perhaps summer has dethroned October for being my bad luck time.

Book it! — August 10, 2016

Book it!

I got the book I ordered for my diction class. Well sort of…I got an accounting book! I didn’t order that they messed up! What am I going to do I don’t have a computer to even complain to the people I bought the book from that I got the wrong book or even to check my order.

I watched the Olympics and I wrote. I’ve been working on my Carmen Sandiego fan fiction. It feels good to write them down on paper for some reason. The latest one I’ve been working on is very dialogue driven. I’m not sure if I like it. It’s funny, which is the way I’m going with these I want these fan fics to have the same spirit as the tv show did wacky and educational. Or at least I thought what I wrote was funny. It’s not close to being finished anyway.

Later in the afternoon we got the computer back. I’m still trying to find out how Windows 10 works it’s very confusing to me. That was the same thing I said about Windows 7 when I got that machine. @o@ XoX

Still the Same in Some ways — August 3, 2016

Still the Same in Some ways

Found out Metro dropped the 190, and the 194 lines. Luckily Foothill Trainsit took those old lines plus some other line that was dropped that does no go near where I live. I didn’t have time to be looking that up with all the chaos of moving! It’s the same route and times and everything. The good thing is that their buses cost less to ride.

I was in a Garbage mood. Usually when I’m brooding or feeling a little depressed I’ll listen to them. I was thinking about how so many of their song topics maintain relevance all these years later. I still haven’t gotten their new album.

Paid my fees, but could not change my address. 😦 I also looked at the prices of the books.

I went to see if there was a counseling appointment for later. They said I could see someone today. Not later in the day I wasn’t going to fall for that anymore! They said they had appointments open all day on the 17th. Don’t tell me that! All day means all day not; all we have is before 8AM and 3PM and later. So I left dejected. Too bad about that! I guess I’ll have to wait way after until after football season starts. (possibly early to mid October)DAMN!

I went home and dropped that other elective. Looked for a statistics class, but couldn’t find any 😦

I could spend that extra time napping or working or my secret hobby or dreaming while I’m napping that I’m really great a my secret hobby.

Good news we ordered a new computer and it should come very soon.