Found out Metro dropped the 190, and the 194 lines. Luckily Foothill Trainsit took those old lines plus some other line that was dropped that does no go near where I live. I didn’t have time to be looking that up with all the chaos of moving! It’s the same route and times and everything. The good thing is that their buses cost less to ride.

I was in a Garbage mood. Usually when I’m brooding or feeling a little depressed I’ll listen to them. I was thinking about how so many of their song topics maintain relevance all these years later. I still haven’t gotten their new album.

Paid my fees, but could not change my address. 😦 I also looked at the prices of the books.

I went to see if there was a counseling appointment for later. They said I could see someone today. Not later in the day I wasn’t going to fall for that anymore! They said they had appointments open all day on the 17th. Don’t tell me that! All day means all day not; all we have is before 8AM and 3PM and later. So I left dejected. Too bad about that! I guess I’ll have to wait way after until after football season starts. (possibly early to mid October)DAMN!

I went home and dropped that other elective. Looked for a statistics class, but couldn’t find any 😦

I could spend that extra time napping or working or my secret hobby or dreaming while I’m napping that I’m really great a my secret hobby.

Good news we ordered a new computer and it should come very soon.