I got the book I ordered for my diction class. Well sort of…I got an accounting book! I didn’t order that they messed up! What am I going to do I don’t have a computer to even complain to the people I bought the book from that I got the wrong book or even to check my order.

I watched the Olympics and I wrote. I’ve been working on my Carmen Sandiego fan fiction. It feels good to write them down on paper for some reason. The latest one I’ve been working on is very dialogue driven. I’m not sure if I like it. It’s funny, which is the way I’m going with these I want these fan fics to have the same spirit as the tv show did wacky and educational. Or at least I thought what I wrote was funny. It’s not close to being finished anyway.

Later in the afternoon we got the computer back. I’m still trying to find out how Windows 10 works it’s very confusing to me. That was the same thing I said about Windows 7 when I got that machine. @o@ XoX