This summer is almost as bad as the summer of 2013. That summer was really horrible. Well except for my pen pal he was like the lone highlight of that summer. Although we didn’t communicate to each other until around Labor Day.

You know 2015 was pretty bad too while I was constantly being pestered by an annoying hobbyist. And there were some other things going down. You can read about that in this blog.

Let’s see what bad things have happened this summer so far. I had to move, I incurred more debt, UTB is going off the air, I got the wrong book order, and probably a bunch of other stuff I forget.

My mom actually thinks its a good thing UTB is going off the air. I guess… *shrugs* When the commercial announcement aired I pretended to be a little shocked. She thinks me watching that channel is eating up too much of my time and makes me not want to do anything. I don’t care I look back on it as watching some great programming.

Maybe this summer will not end on a sour note. At least I’m going back to school.

Perhaps summer has dethroned October for being my bad luck time.