So school is starting in less than a week! I feel I’m not all that prepared. Well I did get a correct copy of the book from a different seller off Amazon.

I need to repack my backpack since I was using it for moving. I did manage to find it.

Plus I need to practice my greeting or introduction or whatever. “Hello, I enjoy old game shows and writing my major is communications.” There, done. XD I do like to be mentally prepared for any question they throw at me. Even the crazier ones like “Who is your favorite US President?” I don’t know. Polk? FDR?

I even read part of the book. Hopefully I will be up on my game by doing that. That is more of a case by case basis thing.

I’ve been having some strange ass dreams. Good dreams, bad dreams, nightmares. I think they have a lot of symbolism in them. I’m not sleeping too well. I’m still not used to waking up at the new place. I still think I’m waking up at the old place. That is a problem. Once at my old apartment I woke up and thought I was at a house I lived at 10 years ago. It was that bad. But the pony curtains are helping a little.