I went shopping and I did find some shirts. I got some “Pokymans” shirts. I know how to spell that correctly. ;P I was just thinking about when Pokémon first came out and people were calling it “pokeman” or “pokemen”. I had to settle. I really want to buy a majority of my clothes online.

I went to the craft store to find that particular tape I was looking for. I think/feel I was over charged. And when I was leaving I found $10 in the parking lot! Lucky! That is going into the craft project I’m going to start. I hope to have it finished by Thanksgiving although its not a Thanksgiving or holiday craft.

While I was in the laundry aisle some guy asked if my mom and I were people who run a cleaning business or something like that. I’m looking for a particular Tide formula. Now that we have a washing machine I can get the soap I want as long as it is comparable with the type of machine we have. He just kept talking about his kids to random people. People like people like that? No?