I had to get up really early to get to the bus to my class. the thing I don’t like about where I live is that is is near nothing.

The bus was crowded but not too crowded. I thought I was going to see a bunch of people in general wearing their Seniors! 2016 shirts.

The bad thing is that this place is past the turf accounting building which is up the hill. Past where my speech class was held. Why do they hold communications classes in the agricultural buildings? Is it so we can learn to talk to the animals and plants? The building looks like a converted barn. Part of it is gutted. ūüė¶ So I have to enter from a different door.

Well at least we didn’t have to do introductions. I thought that was like a thing you know like the stupid “communications students need to be out going” or some shit like that. I had a spiel prepared for nothing.

We have this assignment where we have to write about practicing our diction. But I’m not really sure what to write about. You have to do it twice a week. Maybe I’ll just watch some youtube videos or something. This guy doesn’t know I like sports announcers (good ones) and game shows.

The other problem is that they built the school somewhat walking friendly or so they say. The one side of the street has no sidewalk and it’s up a steep hill.

After the horrible time I had I’m not sure if I want to go back. But if I don’t I will be taking no classes this semester. There are a few problems this is the only time it is offered in the fall, I need it for my major (if i even finish college), the only time it is offered is in that 9:45AM class glut, and he is the only guy at the school who teaches it. I don’t know anymore. I’m really more interested in going to that hobbyist education program more than anything now. I don’t want to think about/be bothered with anything else and that includes school. My desire to go may be clouding my judgement a little.

I’m so tired from all that walking.

I caught the end of Ama-chan it was a good ending like you would expect from an asadora.