I had an assignment to make a professional sounding voice mail. I used this video. All I did was type in something like “how to leave a professional voice mail” or something like that. All I really did was watch the video and copied/did what the lady told me to do.

I was wearing my shirt that says “I don’t care” on it. Then the teachers are like “do you not care?” I just like to wear that shirt because it is thin. Maybe I should stop wearing it on the first week of school. My former math teacher questioned the same thing. That was not me not caring it was me not remembering math facts.

We got into groups. i had to give the disclaimer to my group that I have a very old flip phone. They said they liked it better because it was easier to operate. What? That old thing? Ok then! ^-^

At first they really liked my message, but then they thought it needed more info. I don’t mind. I still got it. See? I didn’t need all those school hack videos because I already got the knowledge and experience. I have been in school way too long. I didn’t want my message to be shared with the class anyway. It wasn’t that good.

I asked the teacher if I could use a really old edition of the book I got online. In case he was going to tell me something like “the book you bought is garbage”. He asked to see it. I’ve been carrying it around with me since Monday. He said it was still good. (even if the book said copyright 1996). I just saved myself a lot of money. If I remember correctly the newest 15th edition is selling for about $270 at the school book store. I used a book I got for about $2 on Amazon not including shipping.

On the bus ride home I got this strange phone call. Why don’t people who are looking for employees not identify who they are and which company they are from? It really irked me since I had just learned that in class. They guy seemed really high pressure. I didn’t even say if I was going to accept the interview yet. I wasn’t sure if I was really a good fit for it. The guy said he sent me an email that I had not checked. I’ve been trying to down play that I go to school because I really need a job and I’m ready to leave if I need to. My mom says I shouldn’t be so quick to throw school out the window since I’m so close to finishing. When I got home There was no email! I checked twice!