The Crafty Gumshoe — September 30, 2016

The Crafty Gumshoe

This day in 1991 the game show Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? premiered on PBS. That was 25 years ago today. Really? It’s been that long!

Season 1 was not my favorite season. But without season 1 there would have been no other seasons that followed it. A season 1 episode I enjoyed as a kid was “The Fall Collection Caper” I don’t know why I found (the) Contessa stealing clothes funny as a kid. I only caught some season 1 reruns during season 2.

What can I say about the show that I have not already said about it? After I thought about it; nothing!
I find it sort of hard to put into words about how much I loved that show as a child. Well to say something new about it.

I can get nostalgic as I watch it while wearing a fedora. As I slurp down some industrial gumbo. The secret is to add some extra grated sneaker. What am I saying? I don’t even own a fedora.

And the fandom is kinda small which can be both good and bad.

Why can’t we have our own day? Like today could be Gumshoe Day! Star Wars fans get their own day. I think Batman fans do too.

I was hoping to have something done that was fan related like some fan fiction or some fan art. That’s what I get for misplacing my fan fiction in my room. I hope to have it finished soon. Because soon is vague enough for me. What have I been doing instead? Watching sports on tv that’s what. But I would not post this empty handed.

Now when you go online you see a lot of fandom related craft tutorials. Of course Carmen Sandiego is not a popular franchise like Star Wars, Harry Potter, or Sailor Moon. Many of those crafts are not very adaptable for Carmen Sandiego fans. There are not any craft tutorials about how to make fandom crafts related to Carmen Sandiego. Aside from slapping a picture onto a notebook which is like a no brainer craft anyway.
image host
So I present to you my ACME Crimenet notebook.

This was so cheap and easy to make. I used a notebook I had laying around. I’ve been stock piling notebooks and notepads. It’s a very bad habit that leads to a lot of clutter. Well anyway, that is for my “I stock pile notebooks, and have a problem” blog entry.

Some people say to write down some of the catch phrases on the notebooks. I’m not sure if I would want to go around school with a notebook that says something like “And that is not bad!” or “Dying Informant” on it. And you can write down your geography notes in it, or about the huge crush you have on Sean.

Let’s not forget my hair bows. If anybody has any idea how to make some Rockapella themed bows leave a comment.

Actually I have another craft idea, but I didn’t have time to make it and I’m not sure it will make sense.

Not Hooked on Phonics — September 28, 2016

Not Hooked on Phonics

There was really nothing particularly interesting that happened at school. Well besides inspiration struck at the wrong time when I was supposed to be taking notes and furiously wrote down story ideas instead.

When we were learning the phonetic alphabet in class it brings back memories of 9th grade English. My teacher was very into phonetics and word origins. I remember she taught us as freshman that “sophomore” means wise fool and the sophomores having English in the adjacent classroom yelled “Freshman suck!”

I was happy I recognized Theta in a non-math book.

All this phonics stuff reminds me of when I learned French and Japanese. It’s a bit harder for me since I didn’t learn phonics to read. I think this is one of the reasons I have such a hard time with spelling. I was thinking about the Japanese word “Keeki” it means cake and is derived from the English word for cake.

We got our peer reviews. I thought I was better at the first part than in the 2nd part. I always talk in a stilted manner. It’s how I talk.

Then I realized I have to write a paper I have not even started yet. I should get started on it a little. It’s only 3 paragraphs long. but still I need to write it.

I noticed that the broken sink in the bathroom was fixed. They just put a faucet on it.

I have a very special blog post for Friday. Should I give a hint about it? Nah. I’ll just wait for 2 more days.

Ramblin’ Woman — September 26, 2016

Ramblin’ Woman

I knew today was going to be a scorcher like yesterday. I didn’t want to go to school. I even woke up late. I didn’t feel like tackling the hill. (that rhymes for some reason) I even checked my email to see if there was a cancelled class notice.

The bus was crowded and late again. For a lot of people dropping and generally just not going to school the bus is pretty crowded.

The heat was “brootal” (I’m just gonna use some outdated slang here) I took it slow walking up the hill, but the closer I got to the building where my class is held I could smell the very distinct smell of farm animals. You can usually smell them faintly around those buildings, but when it is hot the smell is more potent. When I got there and walked past the room I saw the teacher in there.

I was surprised Vin Scully was not mentioned in class. I mean come on its a diction class.

We had to recite Betty Botter. I thought I did ok on that. Only because I remembered it from PBS. I have a child-like small voice so I thought I read it pleasantly. Some people were trying to read it in an exaggerated lady voice that sounded like Mrs. Pumpkinklanger. But the teacher did notice I couldn’t see it very well from where I was sitting. (I had moved seats for group work.) Busted! I don’t like to admit it. I’m old and I don’t see as well as I used to. I could end up like Arthur. He also asked if that is why I sit near the front of the room. *whispers* My hearing is not what it used to be either.

This was my problem from before. I get too nervous or excited and I ramble. Happened in speech class, happened in theater class. Happens when I meet celebrities. Would you like to buy some Micro Machines?

The Road that Leads to Nowhere — September 21, 2016

The Road that Leads to Nowhere

The bus was late and crowded. I was thinking of adding some new songs to my MP3 player. I’m not sure what to add. I want some early 2000s songs. I was thinking “California” by Phantom Planet aka The OC theme song. Or maybe a little Something Corporate or some early Maroon 5.

At least they finally put an out of order sign on that broken bathroom. I forget how long it’s been broken but it has been for a while. At least a week or 2. I thought I had blogged about it. But I guess not. :/

It was so hot and humid I got so sweaty walking up the hill. It reminded me of college freshman art class in college it was so far away from the building I had my previous class at. I would get really smelly trying to make it there on time. I only had 10 minutes to make it across campus. College hack never let your parent make your college class schedule.

Hardly anybody came to class I’m not sure if that was because of the drop date being last week or something else. Even the teacher commented on it.

The teacher said I speak too quietly. I know I speak quietly. I’m like Fern from Arthur. I’m a soft spoken INFP just leave me be. I was usually told when I was younger I was too loud anyway. At least he didn’t make us give a presentation like he said he was going to do. Hopefully I think he forgot about it.

I remembered it was between week 2-3 in the NFL so I had to make an appointment to see a counselor. It took me forever to walk there because of all the construction detours. The road literally goes to nowhere. What are they building there now? Didn’t they just build something there a few years ago?Well at least I know where not to go. I got an appointment and there was somebody there who sort of knew what they were doing.

It was club rush week and if I didn’t have to go to the counseling office I would not had to walk through that.Ā  Which I don’t care about this semester. Unless there is a club explicitly for my secret hobby. Which provided the area in which I live in highly unlikely. Other than that I have no intention of joining a club.

I saw a guy at school wearing a No Doubt shirt. you hardly see people wearing those anymore. It was a “Push and Shove” era shirt.

The bus ride home was not very crowded. Perhaps it really is thinning out? I got home in time so I was ok.

I was really thinking about when I was a freshman in high school before I saw that Goldbergs episode. Instead of a movie I consulted a magazine. I forgot what I wore exactly. I remember I had some really cool shoes. They were so clunky and they hurt my feet. They gave me such bad and large blisters. Eventually they lost their traction and were hard to walk in because I kept slipping due to the lack of traction. I paid good money for them too like $60 back in 1998.

What Did you Do in High School? — September 18, 2016

What Did you Do in High School?

So yesterday my dad tells me he ran into June Cleaver (We’ll use the name of that character for the sake of the blog.) While he was getting a haircut. (Actually I can’t even remember the name of the person he told me. ) Which is some person he thinks I went to high school with. Who is that? Am I supposed to know? I’ve never heard of this person.

Why is that a bad thing? My high school had a student body of 1200 students. I’m not going to remember everybody who ever went there from 1998-2002. He said she was from the class of 2003. I didn’t know a lot of people from that year. Not to sound snobby or anything. He said she asked if I played sports or was in the band. Although I was friends with people in the school band.

He says she lives somewhere familiar. I’m like she lives at our old house? For some reason he got mad when I asked that question. Why? More than half the things he tells me make no sense. If you are going to tell me something vague and ambiguous don’t be surprised when I don’t understand.

Why do I have to know everybody? These are the kind of things that make me highly neurotic. Then I start questioning myself and thinking “Is there really something wrong with me?” He wants me to act like the people dispensing social skills advice on the Social Skills subreddit.

I’ve been thinking about when I was in high school recently but, for another reason. I was thinking about how mousy and artsy I used to be back then. I’m not as artsy as I used to be, but I’m still mousy possibly even more than I was back then. I think because of that it really bothers my dad. I used to think there was a problem with me. There most likely isn’t a problem with me. He just thinks there is. There is most likely a problem with him.

The worse part is for the rest of the day he kept bothering me and asking if I remembered June Cleaver.

My dad just trampled my self esteem sandcastle again šŸ˜¦ And just when it was starting to actually look like something nice. Thanks a lot dad!

Clobbered by Halloween Stores XoX — September 16, 2016

Clobbered by Halloween Stores XoX

So I went looking for a job at a Halloween store. The first one I went to was not open until noon. Seriously who opens a Halloween store at noon?! Why do those stores have such weird hours?

I’m there at 10AM, so I decide to go to the other mall. If you factor in riding the bus it would not be that long. So I go to the other mall. When I ask about the application the girl working there has no idea what I told her. Why is it that the people working there have no idea what is going on!? So the manager lady tells me they are having interviews from 2-4PM today. Which at the time was 2 hours later.

The trip wasn’t entirely fruitless I bought 2 scrunchies and a Sailor Moon shirt.
image host
image host
I kinda splurged on the shirt, but I’m gonna wear it. So I didn’t totally waste money on that. I should wear this one with odangos! ^-^ I got a good deal on those scrunchies $2 for 2 scrunchies! That is like 1990s prices. That is so dope ass! (I thought I throw in some 90s slang for nostalgia’s sake)

So I decide to go back to the other store that was not open till noon. Even if I could drive a car this still would have been annoying. Usually at almost anywhere they will let you fill out an application onsite and then take it. So I ask if I can have one fill it out and then leave it there. The girl working there tells me she can’t because she is not allowed to do that or something like that. There is nobody else there who can accept them? She tells me they are having interviews at the mall I was just at. I wanted to yell at her “I was just there!” But I didn’t I left in a silent anger.

All it seems is its nothing more than some disorganized people who rent a store space and sell knockoff costumes like “red video game plumber” (Mario) or “sexy blue gnome lady” (Sexy Smurfette) costumes. Nobody needs a licensing to sell a witch hat or devil horns those items are truly generic. Then they scramble around looking for people to hire and would like to work for 2 months.

The people who work there remind me of those workers that Apu got mad at in The Simpsons episode “Halloween of Horror“. Would that make my stuffed pikachu highly flammable like Lisa’s Tailee?

I feel defeated. šŸ˜¦

Drinking on the Job — September 15, 2016

Drinking on the Job

The title is misleading.

My mom was trying to find parking while there was a car on fire on the street and she couldn’t see well.

First I had to fill out an application. Nothing strange about that. Then I was tested on how I could make a drink, and cut an apple. It was hard cutting an apple with the gloves on. I couldn’t grip it. Then I had to make my own drink so I added pineapple and strawberries. I wasn’t sure what went well with apple. It was so sour. Then the guy told me today the pineapple was tart. How was I suppose to know until I tasted it? That made no sense. Do they want a psychic and not somebody to blend juices? Then I had to give the drink to another worker and that person had to figure out what was in it. But she got it right. They let me keep the rest of the drink. Then I had to sell a different drink to the guy interviewing me. Everything had a trick question to it, and that made it more confusing.

I think if they utilized more and different cutting tools they would have a more efficient kitchen. This has to be one interview I didn’t lave feeling defeated. Confused but not defeated.

It seemed like there were a lot of trick questions, but if that job gets me one step closer my secret hobby trip I won’t complain.


Rebel Without a Job — September 14, 2016

Rebel Without a Job

I spent last night and part of the early morning listening to an audio book about my secret hobby. I was supposed to be reading my diction book for class. I was like Bart Simpson when he wants to read the algebra book. Luckily I read the chapter on the bus ride over there. If you skip all the vocal exercises there is not that much to read. Plus there are large diagrams of mouths and tongues and stuff. If I really didn’t have a lot of time I would have just read the chapter summary. Study hax! LOL šŸ˜›

We were doing relaxation exercises in class, but I wasn’t relaxed I was preparing to go to a job interview after class. Then I mentioned a Disney character in class. Was I not supposed to? Because there is this Disney maniac in there who really wants to work for them and gave himself a fake title. Is there like some kind of unspoken rule against mentioning a character? I’m not sure. Maybe next time I’ll say an obscure Disney character. Sure I’m not Mrs. Disney or anything like or wear my Disney fandom on my sleeve, but I know stuff.

*raises hand* Can I volunteer to be the resident Gumshoe?

We had to imitate a way of speakingĀ  so I chose a de-nasal voice. That is like a person who sounds like they have a stuffy nose. I could have talked like that voice too if I had been more congested in the morning. When I said Phoebe from “Friends” has that voice somebody in the group was all like I don’t know that show. I thought “Friends” was popular with younger Millennials. You know that whole 90s nostalgia thing. All I could think of was Phoebe from “Friends”, Top Grunge, and Acme Man. Acme Man? That is a really obscure character. Aside from me would anybody even know who that is? Ok yes I’m stuck in the 90s. They wanted to use Squidward and Carl from Jimmy Neutron. Whispers *I’ve never seen an episode of Jimmy Neutron* I guess that is all they know it’s what they grew up with. Then the group asked who has the best handwriting. I immediately said it was not me which is true. After I printed my name on the paper one of the other members of the group could not read my 1st name. When we presented to the class I just stood there and did nothing. It was strange but good.

It took me a while to get there by bus from school.

When I finally get there I ask about the job interviews. I got an email that said.

You are invited to an Open House interviewing event:

Positions: General & Assistant Managers Service Crew & Kitchen Crew

Date: 9/7/2016

Time: 10:00 AM ā€“ 3:00 PM

(location of Panda Express)”

The lady there had no idea what I was talking about or pretended to. She claimed nobody was there and she tole me to come back at 6 PM. Come back at 6PM!? What? My rebellious spirit took over, and I was kinda pissed. So I guess I’m checking Panda Express off the list. How many times has this happened to me like 6? The last time this happened to me was in 2014 I haven’t really been on the hunt for jobs since I started going back to school in 2015 so it hasn’t been that recent. I admitted defeat went to eat the Wendy’s next door and waited for the bus to ride it back home.

I was about 1-2 hours late. Then I saw my dad’s car because nobody else in the neighborhood drives a junky 90s model Buick. There was nowhere for me to hide. I was like “Crap!” He was very suspicious why I was walking home by myself.

Later I watched a few episodes of “World” they always cheer me up after a bad job interview or one that didn’t happen. They are like comfort food plus I was watching them for “research” for my diction class.

Accept no Substitutions — September 13, 2016

Accept no Substitutions

Disclaimer I’m going to talk about the Street Frogs cartoon “The Drop Out”.
image host
The plotline of this one is that Big Max wants some Moonwalker shoes.
image host
The other frogs tell him they are expensive. So he quits school and gets a job shining shoes.
image host
Then he realizes that he needs to stay in school.
image host
At the end of the cartoon he receives Moonwalker’s old shoes.

Big Max looks so cute with Ā¢ and $ in his eyes during the musical montage.
image host
image host

Or even what happened to Tina in Bob’s Burgers in the episode “The Horse Rider-er”. When Tina rides the horse Plops who is difficult to work with. When she rides her imaginary horse “Jericho” at the horse camp.

They had their substitutions and they were happy. But that doesn’t work for me. I tried the substitution first, and it didn’t work. I need that hobbyist education program.

I’m cutting so many corners. Especially in the food department. I’ve been eating horrible food. I’m kinda miserable in the process. I miss all the things I cut out things like crunchy snacks, juice, nuts, expensive vegetables, etc. This is going to be a long road ahead.

Reciting Names of States with Minako Hair — September 12, 2016

Reciting Names of States with Minako Hair

I wore my hair half up with a red hair bow. I had been planning to try this hairstyle for a while now.Ā  I wanted it to go with my Sailor Moon shirt.

image host
It’s very Minkao/Sailor Venus. I was hoping somebody would see the reference.

At the bus stop going to school I saw a girl with a shirt that said “made in the 90s”. It made me feel very old. I was thinking of getting one that says “made in the 80s” few years ago.

I have been having very good luck in my diction class. It’s very strange like I’m not supposed to leave. Today is the last day to drop without a “W”. So I guess I’m stuck there now. :/ It sort of doesn’t matter now only because if I stay which I pretty much will and get a good grade I’ll get a good registration time to get a good statistics class. I need to see a counselor soon. The school should be thinning out. I’ll try to make an appointment during the 2nd or 3rd week of the NFL season.

I just wanted to make sure the pages were around the same ones in the old book. I start looking for the page and the teacher comes up to me and is shocked to see that all 50 states are listed on one page for the activity. They are written on 2 different pages in later editions of the book. I felt like Ralph in The Simpsons with his Star Wars figures. Those really old editions of the book are cheap like under $10 on Amazon for a physical book not including shipping. I hate having to share a book with people because a lot of them haven’t gotten one yet.

Maybe I should not have tried to read the book while watching Family Feud over the weekend. (Dawson version) So there is this exercise to recite all 50 states in one breath. I attempted to do it over the weekend. I thought I was not going to list a bunch of the states anyway. I got through one column of states at home and I was pretty satisfied with my results.

You were supposed to recite as many states as you could in one breath and stop when you feel you are out of breath. I was more concerned about pronouncing the names of the states correctly than powering through and trying to recite all 50. Most people were trying to do the latter.

It reminded me of when try to recite/sing “Carmen’s Song” I have a hard time reciting the beginning lyrics it’s just a list of places. Greg doesn’t even sing that part. “Nashville to Norway Bonaire to Zimbabwe Chicago to Pittsburgh to Philly and back again Naples to Brussels Berlin to Belize Indonesia Topeka Botswana to ThailandĀ Milan via Amsterdam Mali to Bali The Netherlands Scotland to Pakistan New York to Omaha Luxembourg GalvestonĀ  Freeport to Minsk”

The list goes in my old book “Iowa, Ohio, Hawaii…” People kept saying “Ohio Oahu” Which made me think of the lyrics to the “World” theme song. I’m pretty sure nobody else in the class thought that was as funny as I did.

That Rams season opener was very disappointing. šŸ˜¦