I wore my hair half up with a red hair bow. I had been planning to try this hairstyle for a while now.  I wanted it to go with my Sailor Moon shirt.

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It’s very Minkao/Sailor Venus. I was hoping somebody would see the reference.

At the bus stop going to school I saw a girl with a shirt that said “made in the 90s”. It made me feel very old. I was thinking of getting one that says “made in the 80s” few years ago.

I have been having very good luck in my diction class. It’s very strange like I’m not supposed to leave. Today is the last day to drop without a “W”. So I guess I’m stuck there now. :/ It sort of doesn’t matter now only because if I stay which I pretty much will and get a good grade I’ll get a good registration time to get a good statistics class. I need to see a counselor soon. The school should be thinning out. I’ll try to make an appointment during the 2nd or 3rd week of the NFL season.

I just wanted to make sure the pages were around the same ones in the old book. I start looking for the page and the teacher comes up to me and is shocked to see that all 50 states are listed on one page for the activity. They are written on 2 different pages in later editions of the book. I felt like Ralph in The Simpsons with his Star Wars figures. Those really old editions of the book are cheap like under $10 on Amazon for a physical book not including shipping. I hate having to share a book with people because a lot of them haven’t gotten one yet.

Maybe I should not have tried to read the book while watching Family Feud over the weekend. (Dawson version) So there is this exercise to recite all 50 states in one breath. I attempted to do it over the weekend. I thought I was not going to list a bunch of the states anyway. I got through one column of states at home and I was pretty satisfied with my results.

You were supposed to recite as many states as you could in one breath and stop when you feel you are out of breath. I was more concerned about pronouncing the names of the states correctly than powering through and trying to recite all 50. Most people were trying to do the latter.

It reminded me of when try to recite/sing “Carmen’s Song” I have a hard time reciting the beginning lyrics it’s just a list of places. Greg doesn’t even sing that part. “Nashville to Norway Bonaire to Zimbabwe Chicago to Pittsburgh to Philly and back again Naples to Brussels Berlin to Belize Indonesia Topeka Botswana to Thailand Milan via Amsterdam Mali to Bali The Netherlands Scotland to Pakistan New York to Omaha Luxembourg Galveston  Freeport to Minsk”

The list goes in my old book “Iowa, Ohio, Hawaii…” People kept saying “Ohio Oahu” Which made me think of the lyrics to the “World” theme song. I’m pretty sure nobody else in the class thought that was as funny as I did.

That Rams season opener was very disappointing. 😦