I spent last night and part of the early morning listening to an audio book about my secret hobby. I was supposed to be reading my diction book for class. I was like Bart Simpson when he wants to read the algebra book. Luckily I read the chapter on the bus ride over there. If you skip all the vocal exercises there is not that much to read. Plus there are large diagrams of mouths and tongues and stuff. If I really didn’t have a lot of time I would have just read the chapter summary. Study hax! LOL ūüėõ

We were doing relaxation exercises in class, but I wasn’t relaxed I was preparing to go to a job interview after class. Then I mentioned a Disney character in class. Was I not supposed to? Because there is this Disney maniac in there who really wants to work for them and gave himself a fake title. Is there like some kind of unspoken rule against mentioning a character? I’m not sure. Maybe next time I’ll say an obscure Disney character. Sure I’m not Mrs. Disney or anything like or wear my Disney fandom on my sleeve, but I know stuff.

*raises hand* Can I volunteer to be the resident Gumshoe?

We had to imitate a way of speaking¬† so I chose a de-nasal voice. That is like a person who sounds like they have a stuffy nose. I could have talked like that voice too if I had been more congested in the morning. When I said Phoebe from “Friends” has that voice somebody in the group was all like I don’t know that show. I thought “Friends” was popular with younger Millennials. You know that whole 90s nostalgia thing. All I could think of was Phoebe from “Friends”, Top Grunge, and Acme Man. Acme Man? That is a really obscure character. Aside from me would anybody even know who that is? Ok yes I’m stuck in the 90s. They wanted to use Squidward and Carl from Jimmy Neutron. Whispers *I’ve never seen an episode of Jimmy Neutron* I guess that is all they know it’s what they grew up with. Then the group asked who has the best handwriting. I immediately said it was not me which is true. After I printed my name on the paper one of the other members of the group could not read my 1st name. When we presented to the class I just stood there and did nothing. It was strange but good.

It took me a while to get there by bus from school.

When I finally get there I ask about the job interviews. I got an email that said.

You are invited to an Open House interviewing event:

Positions: General & Assistant Managers Service Crew & Kitchen Crew

Date: 9/7/2016

Time: 10:00 AM ‚Äď 3:00 PM

(location of Panda Express)”

The lady there had no idea what I was talking about or pretended to. She claimed nobody was there and she tole me to come back at 6 PM. Come back at 6PM!? What? My rebellious spirit took over, and I was kinda pissed. So I guess I’m checking Panda Express off the list. How many times has this happened to me like 6? The last time this happened to me was in 2014 I haven’t really been on the hunt for jobs since I started going back to school in 2015 so it hasn’t been that recent. I admitted defeat went to eat the Wendy’s next door and waited for the bus to ride it back home.

I was about 1-2 hours late. Then I saw my dad’s car because nobody else in the neighborhood drives a junky 90s model Buick. There was nowhere for me to hide. I was like “Crap!” He was very suspicious why I was walking home by myself.

Later I watched a few episodes of “World” they always cheer me up after a bad job interview or one that didn’t happen. They are like comfort food plus I was watching them for “research” for my diction class.