The title is misleading.

My mom was trying to find parking while there was a car on fire on the street and she couldn’t see well.

First I had to fill out an application. Nothing strange about that. Then I was tested on how I could make a drink, and cut an apple. It was hard cutting an apple with the gloves on. I couldn’t grip it. Then I had to make my own drink so I added pineapple and strawberries. I wasn’t sure what went well with apple. It was so sour. Then the guy told me today the pineapple was tart. How was I suppose to know until I tasted it? That made no sense. Do they want a psychic and not somebody to blend juices? Then I had to give the drink to another worker and that person had to figure out what was in it. But she got it right. They let me keep the rest of the drink. Then I had to sell a different drink to the guy interviewing me. Everything had a trick question to it, and that made it more confusing.

I think if they utilized more and different cutting tools they would have a more efficient kitchen. This has to be one interview I didn’t lave feeling defeated. Confused but not defeated.

It seemed like there were a lot of trick questions, but if that job gets me one step closer my secret hobby trip I won’t complain.