So I went looking for a job at a Halloween store. The first one I went to was not open until noon. Seriously who opens a Halloween store at noon?! Why do those stores have such weird hours?

I’m there at 10AM, so I decide to go to the other mall. If you factor in riding the bus it would not be that long. So I go to the other mall. When I ask about the application the girl working there has no idea what I told her. Why is it that the people working there have no idea what is going on!? So the manager lady tells me they are having interviews from 2-4PM today. Which at the time was 2 hours later.

The trip wasn’t entirely fruitless I bought 2 scrunchies and a Sailor Moon shirt.
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I kinda splurged on the shirt, but I’m gonna wear it. So I didn’t totally waste money on that. I should wear this one with odangos! ^-^ I got a good deal on those scrunchies $2 for 2 scrunchies! That is like 1990s prices. That is so dope ass! (I thought I throw in some 90s slang for nostalgia’s sake)

So I decide to go back to the other store that was not open till noon. Even if I could drive a car this still would have been annoying. Usually at almost anywhere they will let you fill out an application onsite and then take it. So I ask if I can have one fill it out and then leave it there. The girl working there tells me she can’t because she is not allowed to do that or something like that. There is nobody else there who can accept them? She tells me they are having interviews at the mall I was just at. I wanted to yell at her “I was just there!” But I didn’t I left in a silent anger.

All it seems is its nothing more than some disorganized people who rent a store space and sell knockoff costumes like “red video game plumber” (Mario) or “sexy blue gnome lady” (Sexy Smurfette) costumes. Nobody needs a licensing to sell a witch hat or devil horns those items are truly generic. Then they scramble around looking for people to hire and would like to work for 2 months.

The people who work there remind me of those workers that Apu got mad at in The Simpsons episode “Halloween of Horror“. Would that make my stuffed pikachu highly flammable like Lisa’s Tailee?

I feel defeated. 😦