The bus was late and crowded. I was thinking of adding some new songs to my MP3 player. I’m not sure what to add. I want some early 2000s songs. I was thinking “California” by Phantom Planet aka The OC theme song. Or maybe a little Something Corporate or some early Maroon 5.

At least they finally put an out of order sign on that broken bathroom. I forget how long it’s been broken but it has been for a while. At least a week or 2. I thought I had blogged about it. But I guess not. :/

It was so hot and humid I got so sweaty walking up the hill. It reminded me of college freshman art class in college it was so far away from the building I had my previous class at. I would get really smelly trying to make it there on time. I only had 10 minutes to make it across campus. College hack never let your parent make your college class schedule.

Hardly anybody came to class I’m not sure if that was because of the drop date being last week or something else. Even the teacher commented on it.

The teacher said I speak too quietly. I know I speak quietly. I’m like Fern from Arthur. I’m a soft spoken INFP just leave me be. I was usually told when I was younger I was too loud anyway. At least he didn’t make us give a presentation like he said he was going to do. Hopefully I think he forgot about it.

I remembered it was between week 2-3 in the NFL so I had to make an appointment to see a counselor. It took me forever to walk there because of all the construction detours. The road literally goes to nowhere. What are they building there now? Didn’t they just build something there a few years ago?Well at least I know where not to go. I got an appointment and there was somebody there who sort of knew what they were doing.

It was club rush week and if I didn’t have to go to the counseling office I would not had to walk through that.  Which I don’t care about this semester. Unless there is a club explicitly for my secret hobby. Which provided the area in which I live in highly unlikely. Other than that I have no intention of joining a club.

I saw a guy at school wearing a No Doubt shirt. you hardly see people wearing those anymore. It was a “Push and Shove” era shirt.

The bus ride home was not very crowded. Perhaps it really is thinning out? I got home in time so I was ok.

I was really thinking about when I was a freshman in high school before I saw that Goldbergs episode. Instead of a movie I consulted a magazine. I forgot what I wore exactly. I remember I had some really cool shoes. They were so clunky and they hurt my feet. They gave me such bad and large blisters. Eventually they lost their traction and were hard to walk in because I kept slipping due to the lack of traction. I paid good money for them too like $60 back in 1998.