I knew today was going to be a scorcher like yesterday. I didn’t want to go to school. I even woke up late. I didn’t feel like tackling the hill. (that rhymes for some reason) I even checked my email to see if there was a cancelled class notice.

The bus was crowded and late again. For a lot of people dropping and generally just not going to school the bus is pretty crowded.

The heat was “brootal” (I’m just gonna use some outdated slang here) I took it slow walking up the hill, but the closer I got to the building where my class is held I could smell the very distinct smell of farm animals. You can usually smell them faintly around those buildings, but when it is hot the smell is more potent. When I got there and walked past the room I saw the teacher in there.

I was surprised Vin Scully was not mentioned in class. I mean come on its a diction class.

We had to recite Betty Botter. I thought I did ok on that. Only because I remembered it from PBS. I have a child-like small voice so I thought I read it pleasantly. Some people were trying to read it in an exaggerated lady voice that sounded like Mrs. Pumpkinklanger. But the teacher did notice I couldn’t see it very well from where I was sitting. (I had moved seats for group work.) Busted! I don’t like to admit it. I’m old and I don’t see as well as I used to. I could end up like Arthur. He also asked if that is why I sit near the front of the room. *whispers* My hearing is not what it used to be either.

This was my problem from before. I get too nervous or excited and I ramble. Happened in speech class, happened in theater class. Happens when I meet celebrities. Would you like to buy some Micro Machines?