There was really nothing particularly interesting that happened at school. Well besides inspiration struck at the wrong time when I was supposed to be taking notes and furiously wrote down story ideas instead.

When we were learning the phonetic alphabet in class it brings back memories of 9th grade English. My teacher was very into phonetics and word origins. I remember she taught us as freshman that “sophomore” means wise fool and the sophomores having English in the adjacent classroom yelled “Freshman suck!”

I was happy I recognized Theta in a non-math book.

All this phonics stuff reminds me of when I learned French and Japanese. It’s a bit harder for me since I didn’t learn phonics to read. I think this is one of the reasons I have such a hard time with spelling. I was thinking about the Japanese word “Keeki” it means cake and is derived from the English word for cake.

We got our peer reviews. I thought I was better at the first part than in the 2nd part. I always talk in a stilted manner. It’s how I talk.

Then I realized I have to write a paper I have not even started yet. I should get started on it a little. It’s only 3 paragraphs long. but still I need to write it.

I noticed that the broken sink in the bathroom was fixed. They just put a faucet on it.

I have a very special blog post for Friday. Should I give a hint about it? Nah. I’ll just wait for 2 more days.