This day in 1991 the game show Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? premiered on PBS. That was 25 years ago today. Really? It’s been that long!

Season 1 was not my favorite season. But without season 1 there would have been no other seasons that followed it. A season 1 episode I enjoyed as a kid was “The Fall Collection Caper” I don’t know why I found (the) Contessa stealing clothes funny as a kid. I only caught some season 1 reruns during season 2.

What can I say about the show that I have not already said about it? After I thought about it; nothing!
I find it sort of hard to put into words about how much I loved that show as a child. Well to say something new about it.

I can get nostalgic as I watch it while wearing a fedora. As I slurp down some industrial gumbo. The secret is to add some extra grated sneaker. What am I saying? I don’t even own a fedora.

And the fandom is kinda small which can be both good and bad.

Why can’t we have our own day? Like today could be Gumshoe Day! Star Wars fans get their own day. I think Batman fans do too.

I was hoping to have something done that was fan related like some fan fiction or some fan art. That’s what I get for misplacing my fan fiction in my room. I hope to have it finished soon. Because soon is vague enough for me. What have I been doing instead? Watching sports on tv that’s what. But I would not post this empty handed.

Now when you go online you see a lot of fandom related craft tutorials. Of course Carmen Sandiego is not a popular franchise like Star Wars, Harry Potter, or Sailor Moon. Many of those crafts are not very adaptable for Carmen Sandiego fans. There are not any craft tutorials about how to make fandom crafts related to Carmen Sandiego. Aside from slapping a picture onto a notebook which is like a no brainer craft anyway.
image host
So I present to you my ACME Crimenet notebook.

This was so cheap and easy to make. I used a notebook I had laying around. I’ve been stock piling notebooks and notepads. It’s a very bad habit that leads to a lot of clutter. Well anyway, that is for my “I stock pile notebooks, and have a problem” blog entry.

Some people say to write down some of the catch phrases on the notebooks. I’m not sure if I would want to go around school with a notebook that says something like “And that is not bad!” or “Dying Informant” on it. And you can write down your geography notes in it, or about the huge crush you have on Sean.

Let’s not forget my hair bows. If anybody has any idea how to make some Rockapella themed bows leave a comment.

Actually I have another craft idea, but I didn’t have time to make it and I’m not sure it will make sense.