Early Halloween — September 10, 2016

Early Halloween

Since Wednesday I’ve already seen 4 Halloween commercials. Of course I don’t hate Halloween. I just thought it was kinda early. Actually I need some ideas for a costume. I have a rough idea on what I want. I just might need to get a few simple things. I know a few people who just like to skip over from Halloween to Christmas. I don’t hate Thanksgiving I’ll listen to some “Thank You Thanksgiving” and I’ll be alright. As long as Ragamuffin Day doesn’t come back I’ll be fine. I don’t want kids bothering me while I’m trying to watch the dog show.

My dad caught me reading the LA Rams subreddit. I think he was surprised that I was reading that. I’ve been trying to get him to sign up on reddit. It’s just a subreddit I read sometimes.

In case you are wondering I’m not going to have a Rams themed costume.


Back to the same old stuff — September 7, 2016

Back to the same old stuff

I don’t mean that in a bad way I caught myself writing random thoughts while I was taking notes during class. Here are a few “I need to pluck my eyebrows”, “I want pancakes”, and “I should bring sandwiches to school”. I get really hungry because I get up too early to eat breakfast. I’m going to school way too early.

The teacher said we are not very talkative before class. I don’t like to talk before class! I’m introverting! 😡 We spent time talking about dialects. I know a lot about them from the USA. I guess I’m ahead of the curve now possibly? *shrugs* I just know about that stuff because I read tv tropes a lot! I need to ask my teacher about the “little girl voice“. He doesn’t know I listened to a lot of Loveline during my teen years.

I saw 2 people from my former drama class. The worse part is I can’t remember their names. Even if they did notice me I wasn’t trying to be rude to them.

I found a broken sink in a bathroom at school, but I’m not sure who to report it to.

Cake, Incense and Kawaii Diaries — September 6, 2016

Cake, Incense and Kawaii Diaries

Not even “Cake for Breakfast” the song and actually having some for breakfast could cheer me up. I’m still sad about the channel. Because like Greg says in the disclaimer on the album “eat right at every meal”. In case you are wondering I did eat something else more sensible for breakfast after the cake.

Here are my old diaries decorated with pictures from UTB shows among other things like pictures from Glee, Winx Club and the Care Bears. I circled the characters in red for your convenience.

image host
This one has The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi, Anemone from Eureka Seven, Jibeta, Noe and Shinichiro from True Tears, and Erin, N21-J and Honigon from I Can Speak Japanese.

image host
This one has 2 of Anemone from the 3rd Eureka Seven ending (which is my favorite ending. I love the song “Tip Taps Tip”), The characters from Sola, and Hiromi, Noe, and Aiko from True Tears.

image host
This last one has Kiyomi or B-Ko from Chiritotrchin (Life is Like a Comedy), Noe from True Tears, Anemone, Fujiko from Lupin the 3rd and Hana and Daichi from Yankee-kun to Megane-chan (Bad Boy Good Girl).

As you can tell I really like Anemone from Eureka Seven. During that time in my life I would decorate stuff with her picture on it. I even decorated my name tag for class with her picture on it among other things. In the blog entry I didn’t mention what was on it. The title of that blog entry is taken from a True Tears episode.

Here is an article about the demise of UTB 18.2.

I’m still trying to figure out what to do about all this “spare time” I have now. Maybe I should use that time to work on my ebay sales and organize my small living space.

I got this laundry detergent and my mom says it smells like incense. XoX

Farewell UTB 18.2 — September 4, 2016

Farewell UTB 18.2

Now UTB 18.2 is gone. 😦 It got replaced with a the Korean SBS subchannel that was on 18.10. Now that slot that the SBS channel formerly occupied is now color bars. I feel like D.W. in the “The Last of Mary Moo Cow” episode when she sees the sad little world.

Except my stuffed animals and My Little Pony curtains would look sad.

I forgot to mention this on my blog on Wed. My diction teacher said he got people who dropped because they thought it was a public speaking class. Even though he said he mentioned the class was something else and it was written on the syllabus. That has nothing to do with the channel I just thought it was funny.


Crude Kitty Drawings — September 3, 2016

Crude Kitty Drawings

There are more drawings, but I wanted to take photos of these because the old crayola glitter crayons from the 90s were very sticky and gummy. image host

I didn’t want them gumming up my scanner. Let’s just say they are still gummy even after more than 20 years. I’m throwing them out, but I thought I’d take a picture of these crude Hello Kitty drawings I made in the 5th grade circa late 1994 early 1995. I can’t believe I saved them after all these years. Also please excuse the bad photos. I have even more drawings but they were colored with other things so I can scan them.

image host
image host
image host