What Ever Happened to Halloween Night? — October 31, 2016

What Ever Happened to Halloween Night?

We were not sure how Halloween is at the new place so we bought lots of candy until my dad turned it into his personal candy trough.

I was so eager to try out my horror flesh. I patch tested it on my arm.

I wiped it off my arm and it looked like I was wiping off old gucacamole. It was a bitch to clean off. But I have some makeup wipes so I hope that won’t be a problem. Patch test went well so that was good. No rashes or anything.

I didn’t realize how insanely popular pun costumes are. I guess I’m just a stick in the mud for not liking them. Maybe that could be my costume next year a stick in the mud costume who hates puns. I don’t hate puns I just feel they are grossly overused.

Boy am I glad I didn’t wear monster makeup on the bus. I was content with my Halloween shirt and hairclips. In class we were talking about personalized license plates and all I could think about was “Assman” from Seinfeld. I accidentally pointed out a mistake in the teacher’s power point lecture. He wasn’t mad about it or anything.

I’m disappointed I only saw about 5 people at school in costumes. Two of them were in Kigurumi. I sort of wish this was popular when I was in high school. That would have been an easy costume for Halloween and/or homecoming.

But when I think of kigurumi I think of this.

I saw a robot, but I was not sure what exactly it was. I was staring at it then the robot waved at me.

Then I remembered the time I went to school on Halloween I think in 07, and that time I didn’t see many people dressed up either. I think it was about 5. That was back when I was taking my US History class.

I thought I looked ugly! Purposely ugly. My mom thought I looked too scary, and that I would scare children. Can’t I have a little fun?

I told my mom to take my picture, but she accidentally took a picture of the grass. Nobody came! 😦 😡 I gave some candy to my neighbor kids one of who happened to be dressed as I think Chucky. The kid had overalls and a knife. The other kid was an evil clown. Well I guess more candy for my dad.

That stuff was such a pain in the ass to remove. I learned my lesson with horror flesh. I’m never wearing it again!

How about this kawaii cat quesadilla?

This has nothing to do with Halloween really, but I guess I was omni journaling for the past 20 or so years and didn’t even know it.

(insert Halloween pun based title here) — October 29, 2016

(insert Halloween pun based title here)

Do a lot of people know this song? “Kiddies” by Self.  It somewhat gets a lot of play during Halloween or it used to. This isn’t your run of the mill Halloween playlist song. You know the same old popular songs that always make the list like “Ghostbusters” and “Thriller”. Walmart is using “Freaks Come out at Night” for their Halloween commercials. It’s nice to hear a little Whodini. Love me some old school hip hop. By the end of the season I’ll be sick of it.

What is the deal with pun costumes? Aside from sexy costumes they seem to be the most suggested. People should just combine them to be sexy puns. I don’t mean like “weenie in a bottle”. I mean a sexy version of a plain pun costume. Like a sexy “Quarter Pounder”. I find puns boring and over used. They are language based so they lose their impact. I think I’ve seen enough Ceiling Fan and Cereal Killer costumes to last me at least 3 lifetimes.

I was thinking I like kawaii things and scary things and sometimes they look great combined. And then sometimes they don’t. But that is just a personal opinion thing.
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Git er Done? — October 27, 2016

Git er Done?

I needed to buy a USB drive before I went to school to do the assignment. I ended up chatting it up with the cashier about Ducktales and Rescue Rangers. I was wearing my Ducktales shirt. I don’t like the way the flashdrive I bought looks. It looks boring. I think I’ll look up personalize your USB drive crafts.

I had to ride the bus with the Tues/Thurs crowd. And it was pretty crowded.

I had been to that lab before a long time ago when I took Japanese. I watched Pom Poko, Spirited Away, and Princess Mononoke in there. And I didn’t need to login to the portal. I think the portal didn’t exist back then.

I can’t login to the portal. I thought I remembered the password. I get locked out. I have to call the IT Desk. I call the IT Desk the voice on the phone sounds familiar to me. I know that lady! I took a writing class with her 6 years ago. She also likes Frasier. It took me 20 minutes just to get logged into the portal. Why does everything have to be done through the portal? When I finally find everything I need. I see most of the assignments are 7-12 minutes long. After awhile I was like “Screw this! I’ve been here for 20 minutes I’m not doing the long assignments.” And some of the files he wanted us to use were corrupt.

Worst of all I have to do another similar assignment soon! >o<

This all would not have been a problem if I had a smart phone. I could have done the assignment on the phone. My dad keeps telling me he’s going to get me a smartphone. But I don’t see it. Empty promises stringing me along. I’ll keep complaining until I see a phone. He’s the reason I have the crappy phone I have now anyway. I used to have a fancy phone (not a smart phone), but he broke it! That phone I have now was a piece of garbage the day it came out of the package.

I might have to retire that Hello Kitty backpack by the end of the semester it looks like it’s ripping and it still never recovered from that soda spill. Which means I will have to buy another spare backpack. Maybe those ones will be on deep clearance again.

The bus ride home was even more crowded.

I watched The Great Indoors. It was an ok show like; Man with a Plan I think I will need to watch a few more episodes to get a feel for those shows.

Writing Complications — October 26, 2016

Writing Complications

On Fresh off the Boat in the last episode that was on yesterday Jessica wrote a story with herself as the main character with a similar name. Which my dad didn’t get for some reason. I thought that was really funny! It was like my Carmen Sandiego fan fiction. Which of course my dad has not read. Well I would not want him to read it. I think I did read some of it to him when we were moving, and I was bored. I wrote it by hand on paper. I think he wasn’t listening because he was listening to baseball. The portion I seemingly read to him was mostly dialogue driven anyway.

I forgot to mention the free taco on Wednesday, November 2nd from Taco Bell.

I was wearing my Harley Quinn shirt with an odango hairstyle with the miss matched scrunchies in red and black. I’ve worn this before. I like it. I think it is a fun look. I think I’ll wear odangos on Halloween too. I might want to curl my hair anyway for the costume I’m going to wear later. Odangos are good for curling your hair especially if you use a lot of product on them.

It made me think about when the cheerleaders in high school used to curl their hair for 1-2 days and wear a pile of curlers on their head in a bun with a scarf on top. That was one of those mysteries of high school things. I never saw anybody do that before or after high school. I mean in the grades. My mom who was out of touch with high school things by then wondered why they did that. I had to explain that to her. As I was writing about it and how it looked. The strange thing was that I could not find any pictures of it online. I thought there would have been something even if it was an outdated way to curl hair. Like in a tutorial or something. Or even some kind of nostalgia site like: “Remember when cheerleaders wore lumpy curler buns on their heads? “Here is a crudely drawn representation in paint.

image host

It sort of looks like a samurai or something.

I wasn’t even sure what we were going to do in class. So I panic read part of the next chapter on the bus. I figured I could do the vocal exercises at home later.

I was not sure where we were meeting so I was like “Oh hell! I’ll just go to the regular room and if there is a notice or something I’ll leave.” When I get there I don’t see a notice on the door. I see him inside. So I go in and ask. I thought maybe we were doing that whole class round up thing and then going to the building, but we didn’t.

I got my test back and it was a “B”. I was so relieved! I thought I was gonna get a bad grade. I thought he was a harsh grader. A lot of the questions I missed were dumb things I forgot about or to answer. But I’m happy with my grade I’m not gonna stress out about it. Does he think I’m a neurotic student? Well he’s right because I am sort of. Did he sense this? Or maybe it’s because I ask a lot of questions.

The school keeps changing their website. And we don’t know how to access files and stuff. Then they complain that we don’t know what we are doing.

He said we could do an assignment if we had a flash drive on us. I don’t have a flash drive on me all the time and I guess I should. It didn’t matter because all that meant was that I could not do the assignment now.

Somebody asked the teacher if they could wear a Halloween costume to the next class which is Monday and he said something like “I don’t care.” Which for some reason I thought was funny. I think I might have even laughed at it. I’m not wearing a costume, but I will wear a Halloween t-shirt and hair clips. I wanted to dress up and wear makeup, but I didn’t want to deal with wearing makeup on the bus. Maybe if I drove a car. I’d probably go all out.

We have to present a poem or children’s story. He said we could write our own. Don’t tell me that! I salivate at the thought. I was trying to figure out what to do. Should I write a poem or kids’ story or just find something else? I bet I could rework something I had previously wrote. I’m lookin’ at you theater class monologues. I was thinking something along the lines of “Follow me to Heaven”, but you know not to rip off Sean’s song.

Perhaps I should share my writing? I’m just not sure what exactly to share. It’s like you’re out there and you’ve just been cut open to bleed in front of a crowd of people. Personally I find that a little nerve racking. I might be too intimate with my writing, my babies.

If worse comes to worse I found a great poem about writing written by somebody else.

First there was blackboard, then studio classroom, then moodlerooms, and now it’s canvas. I can’t even sign into the site or make an account. Your teacher has to do it for you. Why does everything have to be so complicated?

Sports Writer — October 25, 2016

Sports Writer

I had planned to write a  blog on Sunday, but I’ve been feeling more nostalgic than usual. My teeth have been bothering me.

You know what my dad told me? That he wanted to write a story about sports. Him? My dad? Who are you? The sports part is not surprising that is so him, but the writing part is not.

I was like XoX @o@ *anime fall*

I told him if he wants to write it just write it. It felt weird attempting to give my dad writing advice.

Speaking of sports related news since the Cubs made their way into the World Series and beat the Dodgers.

They made it to the playoffs, but not all the way to the World Series. What is that 4 years now?

Remember when the National league all star team was almost purely Cubs? My dad got mad when I pointed that out. I think it was a combination of that and being forced to move.


Elephant Test — October 24, 2016

Elephant Test

♪♫ “Baby Elephant Song”plays ♪♫

On the bus ride over there the good thing was that Pokémon Enthusiast Guy was not swapping seats or screamed. I did read the book on the bus on the ride over there. When I got to the bottom of the hill I could smell the distinct smell of wet livestock.

Before the test I was trying to relax myself. I was listening to “Cake for Breakfast” and writing (not test related). I was wearing my slightly tighter pants and not wearing a headband which I heard makes you stupider. You know I’m always looking for new study hax to try. I learned last semester the gum one didn’t work so well. Perhaps I should try the reading your notes before you go to bed one?

Over the weekend I barely cracked my notebook. I should have been studying more. Instead of watching 3 football games. One on Saturday and 1 3/4 on Sunday. Coming up with a great blog idea and working on a story for awhile. The biggest problem I had over the weekend besides lack of studying was that I was not sure what to study. There was not a study guide or posted Powerpoints. I was lost and floundering.

The test was long and hard. I thought I was going to leave class early. 😦 Mr. Disney finished first which usually means he got an “A”. Plus he had the advantage of having that teacher before for another class, so he knows his test style. I was coming into this blindly. The test was short answer so I had to try and figure out a way to bullshit myself out the answer of the questions I had no idea about. I even wrote about George Costanza.

I feel stupid. I felt like nothing on the test was actually anything I actually studied. We had a test on 7 chapters and it’s a 9 chapter book. We have a final on the last 2 chapters of the book, and I think something else performance based. It seems like he saved all the performances for the last half of the semester.

There was a vaguely worded geography related question on the test. I think he knows I like geography for some reason although I have not explicitly told him I do.

I’m hoping for a “C”. I’m pretty sure I’m not getting an “A”. I just really don’t want a “D” or “F”.

On the way home besides complaining about how hard the test was I told my mom just trying to study the sheer volume of material was hard. I told her something like “it was like trying to eat an elephant”. She looked at me confused. My mom said she had never heard that “How do you eat an elephant? Bite by bite” quote. I was like “What?!” I thought that was a pretty common and famous quote. The internet does not give the year of it’s origin.

Apparently when I was looking for the origin of the quote I found a lot of anti eating the elephant principles. That is sort of how I feel about my secret hobby since the people are so secretive about the steps how are you supposed to know what to do next? I think they use it more for somebody who already has all the supplies and knows what they are doing. Or about getting help from a mentor. What mentor? I don’t have one. Although I’ve been desperately searching for one. It was one of the reasons I wanted to quit school.

Even though the elephant principle is a quote they love to use.




My mom thinks I’ve gone crazy because of the internet. I just feel that the things I should like I don’t and that makes me strange for some reason. I didn’t find that A Girl’s on Halloween skit from Saturday Night Live funny and that is wrong, right? Something must be wrong with me!

Rocky Horror Confusion — October 22, 2016

Rocky Horror Confusion

So I watched that “The Rocky Horror Picture Show Let’s Do the Time Warp Again”.

I didn’t know much about the movie back then in high school besides that Tim Curry was in it cross dressed, it was from the 1970s, and that people dressed up to go see it.

I thought it was a horror movie because it had the word “Horror” in the title. Until my cousin told me it was “a very funny musical”.

My friend liked it who was into things from the 1970s. The clothes, music, cars, some technology, movies, furniture, etc. He used to lament about how he wanted to live in the 1970s. The only modern things he liked were anime from the time, Playstation, and the internet.

I was a bit disappointed because I thought it was going to be one of those live musical shows.

I’m old and I barely recognized anybody in the new version. Aside from Ben Vereen, Tim Curry and Christina Milan only because she was in Grandfathered last year and played Edie’s mom. I did not listen to her music in the early 2000s. Ben played such a good leopard? on Zoobilee Zoo. He was some kind of cat, but not a lion. Except for his character all the other ones had the animal species name in the name of the character like Bravo Fox.
image host

I found this version of the movie very confusing.

Like do they live in the 1970s or do they live in a time before that? I was familiar with some of the characters because of the Glee episode when they performed it. Brad, Janet, Frank, Rocky, Magenta, Eddie, Riff Raff, and Columbia. I never understood in that Glee episode why they had so many Columbias. I was also familiar with some of the songs because of that episode. All the most famous songs seemed to appear in the beginning.

So are they like sexual alien phantoms or something?

Maybe I should just watch the original thing.

Down and Out in my City — October 21, 2016

Down and Out in my City

I can’t fudge it anymore. I’m losing so much money with my storage spaces. It’s not even funny.

I’m just so down in the dumps because of this.

I’m losing so much money and besides throwing half of the stuff away I feel like I have no other options.

I tried looking for another cheaper place. When I got there I was shown a dirty space. At least 1/4 of the floor had what looked to be oil stains. Like if somebody had been storing dirty machine parts in it or something. When I went there the lady was way too eager to rent out that specific space to me. Which IDK seemed a bit off. Maybe if you cleaned the space people might want it.

I need the money for more important things.

I need to get to that hobbyist education program. Like desperately badly. Me puttering along with my homemade stuff, and no relevant knowledge related to the hobby is gonna hurt me badly. I’m not real. Nobody will believe me. No way no how. Too fake. I wouldn’t even believe myself if my tongue came notarized. (that tongue came notarized quote is from The People’s Court)

The internet being down is not helping the cause.

Word Salad — October 19, 2016

Word Salad

Remember Pokémon enthusiast guy? He got on the bus as usual. He sat next to me for about 2 stops. At least he smelled good. He smelled like baby products or something. He likes to move around seats on the bus. But once we passed the Korean BBQ restaurant he let out a high pitched scream or yelp. It was somewhere between a high pitched girl scream and a dog’s yelp. Everybody looked around like what the hell was that? Somebody even pointed that out. And there were no little kids on the bus like under 12. I was just happy I didn’t do it. I try not to scream on the bus.

My teacher was wearing a shirt that looked like Steve’s from Blues Clues. Was he trying to do something subliminal with that? Honestly I was just waiting for somebody in class to point that out.

I got my assignment back. I got a “B” on it! A “B”!? That is my first “B” on an assignment in there. Don’t worry I won’t freak out. I told myself to write more detailed entries. I remember writing that entry. I was stressed about my mom’s infected finger. My dad was bugging. I was getting ready to listen to divisional post season baseball. Things happen. I do like that he is quick to return back graded work. He told us who handed in our assignment in on Monday that he had them graded by Tuesday afternoon. Not like my first and horrible Poli Sci teacher who seemed too old to know what she was doing. Or maybe she took on too many classes? I wonder if she still sucks? According to ratemyprofessors she does not but that is a lie! A 3.8 rating my ass!

Sometimes I think I speak really poorly in there even for a native English speaker.

He wanted us to write down words that we thought the other people in the class could not pronounce. I could have been mean and snuck some hard geography words in there like “Djibouti”. Or even some theater words. But we had to spell the words correctly and I can’t spell that word from memory and I don’t have a smart phone to look it up on. So I used my book. The teacher said I could not, not use it. I think he knows that I’m one of the few people who reads the book and has a copy of it. I don’t shlep it along with me to school every session for nothing. Study Hax yo! I’m a good student! ^-^ But I did sneak in a math word. Somebody else snuck in a French word and was surprised when I pronounced it right. I think I bragged a little.

People came confused to my complex looking for the apartment for rent the second time this week! They wander around looking confused asking about it in Spanish. The problem is I don’t speak it. And if I tried to give them directions in English would they understand? I’m not trying to be a languageist. Is languageist a word? Perhaps Google Translate would help? I was trying to find the “wrong” listing online. One wrong number and it is all wrong!

Or perhaps another rental scam place has surfaced?

Gotta Craft ‘em All! — October 18, 2016

Gotta Craft ‘em All!

Think of this as the sequel entry to The Crafty Gumshoe. Well in the same vein, but Pokémon themed.

Now since Pokémon is popular again thanks to Pokémon Go.

So when I was younger I had this poster hanging in my room from about 1999-2008; the original 150 Pokémon.
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I had bought it at Hot Topic along with a Pikachu shirt. I was really mad at myself for buying it only because I had been saving up money to see No Doubt in concert, but this is not a No Doubt related entry. My Pikachu shirt sort of looked like this except there was only one Pikachu on it; the one jumping on one leg.
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When I moved I found my posters and I noticed it was pretty wrecked. A few of them were pretty wrecked not just the Pokémon one. So I decided with all these nice Pokémon pictures why not make a craft out of them? I cut out some of the best looking ones because parts of the poster were pretty wrecked.

I cut out the pictures and put the pictures from the posters on the notebooks with mod podge. I had some other knockoff stuff, but I think it spoiled. It was starting to smell funny.

Here is an old one I made with Arthur and a duck. The boat picture is just a sticker. They are easier to attach to notebooks with plastic covers.
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image host
image host
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