I saw this feature yesterday.

What? Who wrote this? That was directly ripped off Greg’s podcast interview I remember he used the word “gravitas” to describe Lynne. I was listening to it like on Wednesday. That feature was ok I guess. *shrugs*

It’s the start of October. Which means its like a month until Halloween. So you better start getting your stuff together now. If you have not already.

I was watching Kawaii International and it was about Kawaii toys. I already sort of knew about Blythe. There were some cool capsule machines that had Sailor Moon locket toys in them. I wish they had those machines with the Sailor Moon toys inside where I live. The funny thing is that they cannot name the anime on the show, so they say something vague to describe it “a popular anime heroine”. Why do they act like the Japanese started the kawaii toy thing?

I have to work on my paper I’ve only written about 4 sentences so far and I still need to format it. I think communications uses the MLA format.