The Decades channel was showing the pilot episode of Mister Ed. The 1958 pilot. The regular series didn’t premiere until 1961. None of the same actors that are in the 1958 pilot were in the ’61 series. The wife is named Carlotta instead of Carol. Wilbur is a lawyer instead of an architect. There were some things that were the same like the part about his bride over the threshold, and when Ed pretends to be lame and then winks to Wilbur so the wife won’t sell him.

In the morning they also showed the very fitting episode “Leo Durocher Meets Mister Ed”. Vin Scully is in that episode, but his voice only. I remembered the first time I saw that episode I was like “That’s Vin Scully! I know his voice!”

It’s Gwen Stefani’s birthday today, and my cousin’s. It was funny because I was listening to Gwen songs in the morning. It was just I happened to have queued up.

On the bus ride to school it was crowded so I ended up having to stand for a while. I hate standing on the bus only because I feel like I’m gonna fall. I’m pretty sure in my early days of bus riding I fell like 14 years ago. I’m better at that now, but still not very good at it. I don’t like sitting on the bottom level of the bus that has the stairs inside. Or standing either only because you have to maneuver around the old people who like to sit in the front.

Wearing the same shirt as somebody. That would have been embarrassing! Second time in 2 weeks. Last week I had wanted to wear a Pokémon shirt, but I didn’t for whatever reason. For the sake of this blog we’ll just call this guy Pokémon enthusiast. (Like the running joke I used to have with my cousin about some bald guy who lived in the area we called “Balding Yu-gi-oh! Enthusiast”) That guy used to have all these Pokémon plush pinned to his backpack, but he doesn’t anymore. Then when I got on the bus. I saw Pokémon Enthusiast Guy wearing the same one I was going to wear. Good thing I avoided that.

Today when I get to class I see Mr. Disney (that’s what we’re gonna call him for the sake of the blog) was wearing a Ducktales shirt. Same one I had planned to wear today, and luckily I didn’t. Maybe I should wear it with a giant pink hair bow.
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I really wish they made a Rescue Rangers one. I’d be all over that. So that would mean Disney Afternoon references are off the table.

Maybe I should stop buying shirts at the Target.

I really wish there would have been a 25th Carmen Sandiego shirt. Because I’d totally buy that even for an outrageous price.

Aside from my near miss matching shirt mishap. Nothing interesting seemed to happen in class. I actually took good and cohesive notes.

The teacher was talking about Adam Levine’s high voice. I was thinking about how his voice was crisper during his Kara’s Flowers days back when he was a teenager. Just listen to “Soap Disco” or “My Ocean Blue”.

When I was walking to the bus stop I saw somebody with a small dog in their shirt. It reminded me of that scene in Leave it to Beaver when he smuggles a Chihuahua in his class.

When I got home I watched the pilot episode again.