People love microwaves. No, not the appliance that can warm coffee and heat frozen chicken dinners.

I’m talking about microwave people. People who can accomplish something in a very short matter of time. A few people are geniuses who do something fast and are good at it. Like those kids who graduate high school at 10 years old. Ian learned to play guitar in 3 days, but he sucks at it. And he thinks he is the shit.

Until my mom pointed out what would happen if you built a house in 3 days. That would be a wood or straw 3 little pigs house. And you know what happened to them.

I remembered NaNoWriMo is coming up which I don’t know I think is silly. After I thought about it why should I even say that? People love microwaves no matter what they do. Even writers.

Maybe I can see if that is explained in a volume of the Mysteries of the Unknown books or in an episode of Unsolved Mysteries. I can hear the theme song playing in my head.