I decided to wear odangos to school to go along with my Sailor Moon shirt and wear my Sailor Moon hair clips. When I was styling my hair I realized I only had thick hair for about 20 years of my life. As a little kid it was very thin. Once I hit puberty it got thicker on my head. It started to get thinner when I reached 30. It sort of makes sense I was a early bloomer. I can use those really tiny rubber bands to make pigtails. Last time I wore my Sailor Moon shirt I wore the red bow like Minako.

I hit my head on the luggage rack in the bus. I was trying to maneuver so the girl sitting next to me could get out. That was such an “odango atama” or “meatball head” move.
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I got to class early. He told us our midterm is coming up soon. It’s in like 2 weeks. I asked if he does a study guide for the midterm. He said “no”, but it didn’t hurt to ask. I don’t know never had him. *shrugs*

So our paper was due today. Which I had ready to turn in even if it was bad or good I still had something to turn in. Ok, people you want to know a school hack and this is usually one that if you turn in something no matter how crappy it is you will usually get credit for it. Even if it is an “F” it’s better than a zero by turning in nothing. Of course use this at your own discretion and it also depends on your teacher.

We were supposed to present what we had written for class. We had to sign up in order to present like in my old speech class. I like to pick one of the last places. I picked 10th. It’s my lucky number. Since there weren’t a lot of people there or the people there came late. I was like the 8th person. Eight is still a lucky number.

It wasn’t a long paper. I think I did alright.

Hopefully I got a good grade on the assignment. And if I do the odangos might be my lucky hairstyle for the rest of the presentation days in class.

Since a lot of people did not have their paper to present we got to leave class early.

After class I asked him about what the classes were for my major. The counselor could not really explain them. I needed somebody from the department. He was talking about group work or something. I think the teacher likes to pair me up with Mr. Disney. He’s alright I guess he’s boisterous, but not too boisterous. *shrugs*