Remember Pokémon enthusiast guy? He got on the bus as usual. He sat next to me for about 2 stops. At least he smelled good. He smelled like baby products or something. He likes to move around seats on the bus. But once we passed the Korean BBQ restaurant he let out a high pitched scream or yelp. It was somewhere between a high pitched girl scream and a dog’s yelp. Everybody looked around like what the hell was that? Somebody even pointed that out. And there were no little kids on the bus like under 12. I was just happy I didn’t do it. I try not to scream on the bus.

My teacher was wearing a shirt that looked like Steve’s from Blues Clues. Was he trying to do something subliminal with that? Honestly I was just waiting for somebody in class to point that out.

I got my assignment back. I got a “B” on it! A “B”!? That is my first “B” on an assignment in there. Don’t worry I won’t freak out. I told myself to write more detailed entries. I remember writing that entry. I was stressed about my mom’s infected finger. My dad was bugging. I was getting ready to listen to divisional post season baseball. Things happen. I do like that he is quick to return back graded work. He told us who handed in our assignment in on Monday that he had them graded by Tuesday afternoon. Not like my first and horrible Poli Sci teacher who seemed too old to know what she was doing. Or maybe she took on too many classes? I wonder if she still sucks? According to ratemyprofessors she does not but that is a lie! A 3.8 rating my ass!

Sometimes I think I speak really poorly in there even for a native English speaker.

He wanted us to write down words that we thought the other people in the class could not pronounce. I could have been mean and snuck some hard geography words in there like “Djibouti”. Or even some theater words. But we had to spell the words correctly and I can’t spell that word from memory and I don’t have a smart phone to look it up on. So I used my book. The teacher said I could not, not use it. I think he knows that I’m one of the few people who reads the book and has a copy of it. I don’t shlep it along with me to school every session for nothing. Study Hax yo! I’m a good student! ^-^ But I did sneak in a math word. Somebody else snuck in a French word and was surprised when I pronounced it right. I think I bragged a little.

People came confused to my complex looking for the apartment for rent the second time this week! They wander around looking confused asking about it in Spanish. The problem is I don’t speak it. And if I tried to give them directions in English would they understand? I’m not trying to be a languageist. Is languageist a word? Perhaps Google Translate would help? I was trying to find the “wrong” listing online. One wrong number and it is all wrong!

Or perhaps another rental scam place has surfaced?