I can’t fudge it anymore. I’m losing so much money with my storage spaces. It’s not even funny.

I’m just so down in the dumps because of this.

I’m losing so much money and besides throwing half of the stuff away I feel like I have no other options.

I tried looking for another cheaper place. When I got there I was shown a dirty space. At least 1/4 of the floor had what looked to be oil stains. Like if somebody had been storing dirty machine parts in it or something. When I went there the lady was way too eager to rent out that specific space to me. Which IDK seemed a bit off. Maybe if you cleaned the space people might want it.

I need the money for more important things.

I need to get to that hobbyist education program. Like desperately badly. Me puttering along with my homemade stuff, and no relevant knowledge related to the hobby is gonna hurt me badly. I’m not real. Nobody will believe me. No way no how. Too fake. I wouldn’t even believe myself if my tongue came notarized. (that tongue came notarized quote is from The People’s Court)

The internet being down is not helping the cause.