So I watched that “The Rocky Horror Picture Show Let’s Do the Time Warp Again”.

I didn’t know much about the movie back then in high school besides that Tim Curry was in it cross dressed, it was from the 1970s, and that people dressed up to go see it.

I thought it was a horror movie because it had the word “Horror” in the title. Until my cousin told me it was “a very funny musical”.

My friend liked it who was into things from the 1970s. The clothes, music, cars, some technology, movies, furniture, etc. He used to lament about how he wanted to live in the 1970s. The only modern things he liked were anime from the time, Playstation, and the internet.

I was a bit disappointed because I thought it was going to be one of those live musical shows.

I’m old and I barely recognized anybody in the new version. Aside from Ben Vereen, Tim Curry and Christina Milan only because she was in Grandfathered last year and played Edie’s mom. I did not listen to her music in the early 2000s. Ben played such a good leopard? on Zoobilee Zoo. He was some kind of cat, but not a lion. Except for his character all the other ones had the animal species name in the name of the character like Bravo Fox.
image host

I found this version of the movie very confusing.

Like do they live in the 1970s or do they live in a time before that? I was familiar with some of the characters because of the Glee episode when they performed it. Brad, Janet, Frank, Rocky, Magenta, Eddie, Riff Raff, and Columbia. I never understood in that Glee episode why they had so many Columbias. I was also familiar with some of the songs because of that episode. All the most famous songs seemed to appear in the beginning.

So are they like sexual alien phantoms or something?

Maybe I should just watch the original thing.