♪♫ “Baby Elephant Song”plays ♪♫

On the bus ride over there the good thing was that Pokémon Enthusiast Guy was not swapping seats or screamed. I did read the book on the bus on the ride over there. When I got to the bottom of the hill I could smell the distinct smell of wet livestock.

Before the test I was trying to relax myself. I was listening to “Cake for Breakfast” and writing (not test related). I was wearing my slightly tighter pants and not wearing a headband which I heard makes you stupider. You know I’m always looking for new study hax to try. I learned last semester the gum one didn’t work so well. Perhaps I should try the reading your notes before you go to bed one?

Over the weekend I barely cracked my notebook. I should have been studying more. Instead of watching 3 football games. One on Saturday and 1 3/4 on Sunday. Coming up with a great blog idea and working on a story for awhile. The biggest problem I had over the weekend besides lack of studying was that I was not sure what to study. There was not a study guide or posted Powerpoints. I was lost and floundering.

The test was long and hard. I thought I was going to leave class early. 😦 Mr. Disney finished first which usually means he got an “A”. Plus he had the advantage of having that teacher before for another class, so he knows his test style. I was coming into this blindly. The test was short answer so I had to try and figure out a way to bullshit myself out the answer of the questions I had no idea about. I even wrote about George Costanza.

I feel stupid. I felt like nothing on the test was actually anything I actually studied. We had a test on 7 chapters and it’s a 9 chapter book. We have a final on the last 2 chapters of the book, and I think something else performance based. It seems like he saved all the performances for the last half of the semester.

There was a vaguely worded geography related question on the test. I think he knows I like geography for some reason although I have not explicitly told him I do.

I’m hoping for a “C”. I’m pretty sure I’m not getting an “A”. I just really don’t want a “D” or “F”.

On the way home besides complaining about how hard the test was I told my mom just trying to study the sheer volume of material was hard. I told her something like “it was like trying to eat an elephant”. She looked at me confused. My mom said she had never heard that “How do you eat an elephant? Bite by bite” quote. I was like “What?!” I thought that was a pretty common and famous quote. The internet does not give the year of it’s origin.

Apparently when I was looking for the origin of the quote I found a lot of anti eating the elephant principles. That is sort of how I feel about my secret hobby since the people are so secretive about the steps how are you supposed to know what to do next? I think they use it more for somebody who already has all the supplies and knows what they are doing. Or about getting help from a mentor. What mentor? I don’t have one. Although I’ve been desperately searching for one. It was one of the reasons I wanted to quit school.

Even though the elephant principle is a quote they love to use.




My mom thinks I’ve gone crazy because of the internet. I just feel that the things I should like I don’t and that makes me strange for some reason. I didn’t find that A Girl’s on Halloween skit from Saturday Night Live funny and that is wrong, right? Something must be wrong with me!