I had planned to write a  blog on Sunday, but I’ve been feeling more nostalgic than usual. My teeth have been bothering me.

You know what my dad told me? That he wanted to write a story about sports. Him? My dad? Who are you? The sports part is not surprising that is so him, but the writing part is not.

I was like XoX @o@ *anime fall*

I told him if he wants to write it just write it. It felt weird attempting to give my dad writing advice.

Speaking of sports related news since the Cubs made their way into the World Series and beat the Dodgers.

They made it to the playoffs, but not all the way to the World Series. What is that 4 years now?

Remember when the National league all star team was almost purely Cubs? My dad got mad when I pointed that out. I think it was a combination of that and being forced to move.