I needed to buy a USB drive before I went to school to do the assignment. I ended up chatting it up with the cashier about Ducktales and Rescue Rangers. I was wearing my Ducktales shirt. I don’t like the way the flashdrive I bought looks. It looks boring. I think I’ll look up personalize your USB drive crafts.

I had to ride the bus with the Tues/Thurs crowd. And it was pretty crowded.

I had been to that lab before a long time ago when I took Japanese. I watched Pom Poko, Spirited Away, and Princess Mononoke in there. And I didn’t need to login to the portal. I think the portal didn’t exist back then.

I can’t login to the portal. I thought I remembered the password. I get locked out. I have to call the IT Desk. I call the IT Desk the voice on the phone sounds familiar to me. I know that lady! I took a writing class with her 6 years ago. She also likes Frasier. It took me 20 minutes just to get logged into the portal. Why does everything have to be done through the portal? When I finally find everything I need. I see most of the assignments are 7-12 minutes long. After awhile I was like “Screw this! I’ve been here for 20 minutes I’m not doing the long assignments.” And some of the files he wanted us to use were corrupt.

Worst of all I have to do another similar assignment soon! >o<

This all would not have been a problem if I had a smart phone. I could have done the assignment on the phone. My dad keeps telling me he’s going to get me a smartphone. But I don’t see it. Empty promises stringing me along. I’ll keep complaining until I see a phone. He’s the reason I have the crappy phone I have now anyway. I used to have a fancy phone (not a smart phone), but he broke it! That phone I have now was a piece of garbage the day it came out of the package.

I might have to retire that Hello Kitty backpack by the end of the semester it looks like it’s ripping and it still never recovered from that soda spill. Which means I will have to buy another spare backpack. Maybe those ones will be on deep clearance again.

The bus ride home was even more crowded.

I watched The Great Indoors. It was an ok show like; Man with a Plan I think I will need to watch a few more episodes to get a feel for those shows.