Do a lot of people know this song? “Kiddies” by Self.  It somewhat gets a lot of play during Halloween or it used to. This isn’t your run of the mill Halloween playlist song. You know the same old popular songs that always make the list like “Ghostbusters” and “Thriller”. Walmart is using “Freaks Come out at Night” for their Halloween commercials. It’s nice to hear a little Whodini. Love me some old school hip hop. By the end of the season I’ll be sick of it.

What is the deal with pun costumes? Aside from sexy costumes they seem to be the most suggested. People should just combine them to be sexy puns. I don’t mean like “weenie in a bottle”. I mean a sexy version of a plain pun costume. Like a sexy “Quarter Pounder”. I find puns boring and over used. They are language based so they lose their impact. I think I’ve seen enough Ceiling Fan and Cereal Killer costumes to last me at least 3 lifetimes.

I was thinking I like kawaii things and scary things and sometimes they look great combined. And then sometimes they don’t. But that is just a personal opinion thing.
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