We were not sure how Halloween is at the new place so we bought lots of candy until my dad turned it into his personal candy trough.

I was so eager to try out my horror flesh. I patch tested it on my arm.

I wiped it off my arm and it looked like I was wiping off old gucacamole. It was a bitch to clean off. But I have some makeup wipes so I hope that won’t be a problem. Patch test went well so that was good. No rashes or anything.

I didn’t realize how insanely popular pun costumes are. I guess I’m just a stick in the mud for not liking them. Maybe that could be my costume next year a stick in the mud costume who hates puns. I don’t hate puns I just feel they are grossly overused.

Boy am I glad I didn’t wear monster makeup on the bus. I was content with my Halloween shirt and hairclips. In class we were talking about personalized license plates and all I could think about was “Assman” from Seinfeld. I accidentally pointed out a mistake in the teacher’s power point lecture. He wasn’t mad about it or anything.

I’m disappointed I only saw about 5 people at school in costumes. Two of them were in Kigurumi. I sort of wish this was popular when I was in high school. That would have been an easy costume for Halloween and/or homecoming.

But when I think of kigurumi I think of this.

I saw a robot, but I was not sure what exactly it was. I was staring at it then the robot waved at me.

Then I remembered the time I went to school on Halloween I think in 07, and that time I didn’t see many people dressed up either. I think it was about 5. That was back when I was taking my US History class.

I thought I looked ugly! Purposely ugly. My mom thought I looked too scary, and that I would scare children. Can’t I have a little fun?

I told my mom to take my picture, but she accidentally took a picture of the grass. Nobody came! 😦 😡 I gave some candy to my neighbor kids one of who happened to be dressed as I think Chucky. The kid had overalls and a knife. The other kid was an evil clown. Well I guess more candy for my dad.

That stuff was such a pain in the ass to remove. I learned my lesson with horror flesh. I’m never wearing it again!

How about this kawaii cat quesadilla?

This has nothing to do with Halloween really, but I guess I was omni journaling for the past 20 or so years and didn’t even know it.