Soggy — October 17, 2016


I awoke to the sound of rain. Which usually doesn’t bother me except I had to go to school.

Rain paralyzes the city. Who designed the cities around here? No really did they think that it would never rain here ever? Stupid looking sprawling schools and stuff. The schools look nice, and all but they provide no shelter for rain or sun. Which really makes no sense about the sun because that’s what they designed the school for. And if you are lucky enough to go to a school with an indoor cafeteria. You can find shelter in there. Like nobody goes to school when it rains especially in the K-12 grades. Why should they? Or worse stuck playing Heads Up Seven Up. It’s a reason why I somewhat hate the rain. That game was so damn popular! I think I’m the only person on the planet who hates that game. I was like “can’t I just read a book instead?” It was so popular over the years the kids in high school used to ask to play it. High school juniors. Now why is something like Pokémon uncool, but that game isn’t!?

I knew the bus was going to be late because they are super late when it rains plus it has been running late since a few weeks ago, and it just adds to the lateness. I just didn’t want to slip in a crowded bus. That would have been embarrassing.

Good thing I waterproofed my backpack or tried to. All the Duct tape I wasted trying to fix that thing. Maybe I need to retire it after this semester.

I hate when it floods.It doesn’t drain well here. One foul step and you are going to have wet feet for 7 hours! Or those hearty people who wear shorts, a t shirt, and sandals year round.

The teacher accidentally had his camera on and I don’t know why for some reason it freaked me out. Oh yeah and it was facing me on the projector. I could see my arms and legs but not my face or anything. It was weird.

Although the book said it’s optional to pronounce the “h” in “wh”. I can talk like Stewie now.  Then what about homophones? I’m so confused now. The teacher said I pronounced a word well, but I only did from listening. I could be like that guy from Better Off Dead who learned to speak English by watching Howard Cosell. Except I learned from game shows. And I’m a native English speaker.

I was thinking about how people mispronounce voilà as “walla”.

Weekend Miscellaneous Blog — October 16, 2016

Weekend Miscellaneous Blog

You know what I noticed I’ve finally aged out of Saturday Night Live. I watch it and I don’t laugh. Not even Weekend Update. It’s an election year, and I don’t know I thought it’d be funnier. I don’t get the jokes anymore. I watch it with a confused look on my face. I’m too old. I’m too out of it. I guess this is another sign that I’m getting old. Where is my infinity scarf and tacky metallic pewter colored orthopedic loafers?

I’m trying to invent a new kind of Chex Mix flavor.

This is to the Buzzr channel “WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU!?” Do you not care about people watching your channel? Does Fremantle just want to throw money at something? Your fans are fed up with you and lost faith in you. And who THE FUCK blocks their own facebook comments? Was it because they were TRUE!?

You made a channel too fast. You didn’t have enough shows that were archived to even show for more than about 2 months. That is totally FUCKED UP! There is no other way to say that. I bet you will be gone in less than 2 years cause ya don’t FUCKING CARE! Apparently being a microwave didn’t help in this instance.

While I’m eating dinner some people come to the door asking about something in Spanish. I tell them I don’t speak Spanish. Then they are trying to say that they are looking for the vacant apartment. I gave them directions to it. They barely understood me. Then my dad tries to give them “advice” about shady realtors in English. Did they even understand what my dad just tried to tell them? You would think if they looked up this property on a phone they would have put the correct address. The different addresses are on the units.

Pricing Game — October 14, 2016

Pricing Game

I’ve usually been good with prices since I’m a cheapskate. Like I’ve mentioned before cheapness is a sense. Now since I’m saving up to go on my hobbyist educational program I’ve gotten really good with estimation. I even impressed the cashier at the store. 🙂 She said it was like The Price is Right. Perhaps I’m picking up other skills along the way? Once I get there. I’m gonna be the most real hobbyist you or they have even seen! Me feeling real or fake waxes and wanes.

It’s just the same old thing all the time.

To be honest I hate blog posts like this. So I am reading a blog entry about cabbage. A pretty mundane topic on it’s own. I’m looking for cabbage recipes or something. The entry starts out pretty normal. Then the blog goes in to a tirade about Donald Trump and how he hates cabbage or something. I didn’t come there to read that! Either complain about the election or write about cabbage. Fucking click bait!

I’m so sick of this election, and because of this I’m taking a break from Facebook. That kind of stuff gets old really fast. I remember during the 2012 election I was so sick of looking at that stuff. Which is funny since my family has been trying to contact me through facebook, and they know there are other ways to do it besides that.

I could wake up tomorrow and Facebook could be gone forever and I would not give a damn.

Pet Sounds — October 12, 2016

Pet Sounds

This entry has nothing to do with the Beach Boys album. So if you are looking for information about that you are at the wrong blog. I just thought this made a cool title.

I wore my Ducktales shirt today and hoped that Mr. Disney wouldn’t he’s not like that lady from that Seinfeld episode “The Seven” who kept wearing the same dress. I’ve seen him wear different shirts.

I got my paper back and it was an “A” so I can’t complain. Perhaps odangos are lucky?

We leaned that the most words in the English language start with the letter “S”. I thought about R S T L N E from Wheel of Fortune. Although they don’t give you a “P” or a “C”

He told us about English words that don’t rhyme. I remembered the Purple Orange from the Arthur episode “Rhyme for Your Life“. And for some strange reason I remembered this Jeopardy category. “Almost Rhymes with Orange“. Wasn’t there a drink called “Burple”? Oh yes there was. I think it was not sold in my area.

I remember such random things in class. Then I do and laugh to myself. XoX @.@

I was scratching my head. I had styled my hair a little differently. But the teacher thought I was raising my hand.

I’m not the person you want to be in class with only because I ask a lot of questions. I heard on an online survey that somebody would rather sit next to a smelly student than one who asked too many questions. I’m not sure about the legitimacy of the survey. Sometimes I can be like Bobby the Inquisitive boy from The Weird Al Show.

I got mad because I did poorly on the word drills. I had been practicing them at home and I voiced my frustration about it in class.

I was craving strange food in class brownie or chocolate cake batter. Not a baked cake or anything like that.

I was acting bad and trying to slip in geography related words. Like the word “Czech”.

After class a strange thought came over me “Am I the teacher’s pet?” I read the book and calculate my grade. Now he knows I’m a communications major. It could be too that and I’m kind of old and dorky. I reinforce my backpack with duct tape at the top to extend the life of it from the inside.

image host

When I got back home I noticed another one of my neighbors decorated for Halloween.

I also found out that if you eat Cup Noodles Homestyle raw (without adding boiling water) They make a great snack.

Fingerling — October 11, 2016


So my mom got an infected finger and had to go to the emergency room to get it looked at. So she was gone for most of the day and my dad had to go to the dentist.

It was nice to have a free day. I haven’t had one of those in a while. I did get the rest of my reading done. I was working on my Halloween costume too. I still need to find all my supplies. More like gather them up.

The phone was ringing all day. I kept thinking it was going to be one of my parents. But it was just a bunch of annoying calls.

I thought her finger was going to be amputated. A few hours later she comes back home with her whole finger. It was all bandaged. She said that they had to slice it open to get out all the pus.

This has nothing to do with my mom, but now since I’ve been taking that diction class I’ve been having a hard time watching user created youtube videos. I’m watching it and I’ll say “That person needs to pronounce their ‘R’s correctly. “

Old Odango Atama — October 10, 2016

Old Odango Atama

I decided to wear odangos to school to go along with my Sailor Moon shirt and wear my Sailor Moon hair clips. When I was styling my hair I realized I only had thick hair for about 20 years of my life. As a little kid it was very thin. Once I hit puberty it got thicker on my head. It started to get thinner when I reached 30. It sort of makes sense I was a early bloomer. I can use those really tiny rubber bands to make pigtails. Last time I wore my Sailor Moon shirt I wore the red bow like Minako.

I hit my head on the luggage rack in the bus. I was trying to maneuver so the girl sitting next to me could get out. That was such an “odango atama” or “meatball head” move.
image host

I got to class early. He told us our midterm is coming up soon. It’s in like 2 weeks. I asked if he does a study guide for the midterm. He said “no”, but it didn’t hurt to ask. I don’t know never had him. *shrugs*

So our paper was due today. Which I had ready to turn in even if it was bad or good I still had something to turn in. Ok, people you want to know a school hack and this is usually one that if you turn in something no matter how crappy it is you will usually get credit for it. Even if it is an “F” it’s better than a zero by turning in nothing. Of course use this at your own discretion and it also depends on your teacher.

We were supposed to present what we had written for class. We had to sign up in order to present like in my old speech class. I like to pick one of the last places. I picked 10th. It’s my lucky number. Since there weren’t a lot of people there or the people there came late. I was like the 8th person. Eight is still a lucky number.

It wasn’t a long paper. I think I did alright.

Hopefully I got a good grade on the assignment. And if I do the odangos might be my lucky hairstyle for the rest of the presentation days in class.

Since a lot of people did not have their paper to present we got to leave class early.

After class I asked him about what the classes were for my major. The counselor could not really explain them. I needed somebody from the department. He was talking about group work or something. I think the teacher likes to pair me up with Mr. Disney. He’s alright I guess he’s boisterous, but not too boisterous. *shrugs*

Disney Duck Nostalgia — October 7, 2016

Disney Duck Nostalgia

I thought I show these old things. I found 2 of them while going through boxes.

This is my old Ducktales decoration. I forget when it was from. I think the late 80s or early 90s. It’s an official Disney product. My mom found it when we were looking for Halloween decorations.

image host

My old poster from Disney Afternoon Live. I wanna put this back up in my room again. I proudly displayed it in my room back in the early 90s.

image host

I wanna say I drew this when I was 8? I did not draw hats very well back then. I had traced my figures to draw this. This drawing was pretty crude looking so I wasn’t going to post it to deviantart.

Pokémon Rhapsody — October 5, 2016

Pokémon Rhapsody

That sounds like a new Pokémon game that is going to come out or something.

I forgot my clipboard and I was a little upset.

The teacher asked if I’ve written my paper. I didn’t lie I said I started on it. I was planning on working on it today maybe tomorrow.

I was distracted and doodling in class. I made some really good doodles though.

I got paired up with Mr. Disney again. >o< @.@ We sit near each other and hardly anybody has been coming to class. It’s a good thing I didn’t wear the Ducktales shirt today. That would have been weird. We had to recite the song “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen, but not sing it. I had a similar assignment before, but I got a song I was not familiar with.

Of course I know it. It was like in Glee. Then I thought what was I listening to before class? “Capital” by Rockapella. I think I said something like that is the music my parents listen to. Well it’s not a lie or anything. My Queen cred was crushed. Not that I had much to begin with anyway. So I fire back that my mom saw them at the Forum in the 1970s. It’s all I got so I thought I’d use it. *shrugs.* It pained him to have to recite it because he wanted to sing it and he volunteered to do it. I would have I was less familiar with the song anyway.

The teacher said about learning things through song and how they are easier to learn. Then I thought about the song “Capital”.

My counselor appointment was not in the regular counseling building. It was in a neighboring building. And when I checked the slip it was not even written on it that I was going to be seen in a different building. But I made it there on time. The students they have working in that other building where I had to go were just as doofy as the ones that work in the regular building. I saw complaints about the students working in the counseling office on yelp. All I wanted to do was get it over with, and get it over with quick so I could go home.

When I see the counselor he asks me what team I’m on. In reference to Pokémon Go. I say I’m an OG trainer from the Yellow days. Actually I prepared something to say about that shirt before I wore it.

Good ol’ Chuie from Yellow a formidable Pokémon on my team. He said pikachu is a weak starter. Pikachu is not weak! If you level it up. He asked if I evolved the pikachu in Yellow. No way! Chuie was a very powerful pikachu. I played the TGC, but I was not good at it. I liked to collect it though. There was so much Pokémon banter.

It’s not that I don’t know how it works. Once I get my AA I can get hired at some low end job. Community College is high school version 2.0. He made me an academic plan, but I’m not sure how closely I’ll follow it. It depends on class time and professor ratings and all that stuff.

He said I could be finished and not get an Associates degree if all I take is my math class. I need about 3 more classes for my major. When I found out I could be done in a year/year and a half I was so relieved. All my hard work is paying off finally. So to all the hobbyists who told me to quit school. Suck it! *Does a DX crotch chop*
image host

He said I could have a lollipop. I wanted lime! Lime! I love lime! He told me to take a yellow one for my pikachu. I said about how my pikachu plush is old and that I have pictures of it in my phone as if it was my child. I’m not sure if that is funny or sad.

Wayne’s World came to me after.

Here were some rejected blog titles; “Fat Bottomed Pokémon”, “Keep Your Pokémon Alive”, “Killer Pokémon”, “Pokémon Will Rock You” and “Pokémon Champions”.

Here’s an obligatory pikachu picture for the post.
image host

Microwaves — October 4, 2016


People love microwaves. No, not the appliance that can warm coffee and heat frozen chicken dinners.

I’m talking about microwave people. People who can accomplish something in a very short matter of time. A few people are geniuses who do something fast and are good at it. Like those kids who graduate high school at 10 years old. Ian learned to play guitar in 3 days, but he sucks at it. And he thinks he is the shit.

Until my mom pointed out what would happen if you built a house in 3 days. That would be a wood or straw 3 little pigs house. And you know what happened to them.

I remembered NaNoWriMo is coming up which I don’t know I think is silly. After I thought about it why should I even say that? People love microwaves no matter what they do. Even writers.

Maybe I can see if that is explained in a volume of the Mysteries of the Unknown books or in an episode of Unsolved Mysteries. I can hear the theme song playing in my head.

Tenors and T-shirt Twins — October 3, 2016

Tenors and T-shirt Twins

The Decades channel was showing the pilot episode of Mister Ed. The 1958 pilot. The regular series didn’t premiere until 1961. None of the same actors that are in the 1958 pilot were in the ’61 series. The wife is named Carlotta instead of Carol. Wilbur is a lawyer instead of an architect. There were some things that were the same like the part about his bride over the threshold, and when Ed pretends to be lame and then winks to Wilbur so the wife won’t sell him.

In the morning they also showed the very fitting episode “Leo Durocher Meets Mister Ed”. Vin Scully is in that episode, but his voice only. I remembered the first time I saw that episode I was like “That’s Vin Scully! I know his voice!”

It’s Gwen Stefani’s birthday today, and my cousin’s. It was funny because I was listening to Gwen songs in the morning. It was just I happened to have queued up.

On the bus ride to school it was crowded so I ended up having to stand for a while. I hate standing on the bus only because I feel like I’m gonna fall. I’m pretty sure in my early days of bus riding I fell like 14 years ago. I’m better at that now, but still not very good at it. I don’t like sitting on the bottom level of the bus that has the stairs inside. Or standing either only because you have to maneuver around the old people who like to sit in the front.

Wearing the same shirt as somebody. That would have been embarrassing! Second time in 2 weeks. Last week I had wanted to wear a Pokémon shirt, but I didn’t for whatever reason. For the sake of this blog we’ll just call this guy Pokémon enthusiast. (Like the running joke I used to have with my cousin about some bald guy who lived in the area we called “Balding Yu-gi-oh! Enthusiast”) That guy used to have all these Pokémon plush pinned to his backpack, but he doesn’t anymore. Then when I got on the bus. I saw Pokémon Enthusiast Guy wearing the same one I was going to wear. Good thing I avoided that.

Today when I get to class I see Mr. Disney (that’s what we’re gonna call him for the sake of the blog) was wearing a Ducktales shirt. Same one I had planned to wear today, and luckily I didn’t. Maybe I should wear it with a giant pink hair bow.
image host

I really wish they made a Rescue Rangers one. I’d be all over that. So that would mean Disney Afternoon references are off the table.

Maybe I should stop buying shirts at the Target.

I really wish there would have been a 25th Carmen Sandiego shirt. Because I’d totally buy that even for an outrageous price.

Aside from my near miss matching shirt mishap. Nothing interesting seemed to happen in class. I actually took good and cohesive notes.

The teacher was talking about Adam Levine’s high voice. I was thinking about how his voice was crisper during his Kara’s Flowers days back when he was a teenager. Just listen to “Soap Disco” or “My Ocean Blue”.

When I was walking to the bus stop I saw somebody with a small dog in their shirt. It reminded me of that scene in Leave it to Beaver when he smuggles a Chihuahua in his class.

When I got home I watched the pilot episode again.