Flip The Script — November 30, 2016

Flip The Script

I stayed up until 1:30 AM working on my part of the script. Well it was more like procrastinating I was doing other non school related things. I just wanted to make sure I had my script for class, and not one of my Carmen fan fics. I didn’t want them mistakenly reading something else I wrote and printed out by accident, and ask why one of the characters is explaining what cartography is.

I was wearing my Sailor Moon shirt along with my Minako hair style with the red bow. Now that my hair is a little bit longer it looks a little better. It’s no where near as long as Minako’s is.

There was some guy watching Digimon on the bus. I could see Mimi and Palmon from Digimon on the phone. It was the season 1 Mimi with the cowboy hat.
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I ran into somebody from class in the bathroom. They were telling me about how much trouble they were having with the script, and that they didn’t finish it. But they gave me insider information and said their group is writing for my group.

The teacher said Mr. Disney and I were the only 2 people who got “A”s on the assignment. Yay! ^-^ I messed up a little on the #LLOVEYOURAPP commercial. I missed a word or something. Perhaps I should have done the Rockapella one? I could have been like “Ok, now I’ll do Rockapella sings about cups at Taco Bell. They were like the Pentatonix of the 90s.” I know I’d totally say that. He said the assignment was more about mimicking the pacing if you didn’t write your own. He also doesn’t know about my auditory study hack. I used it for 3 or 4 assignments.

The teacher said we have to add a 4th guy to the group and rewrite the script. He’s like totally badmouthing the guy because he never shows up to class, and then he walks in the room behind him. It was kinda funny. Like something from a tv show. I think the teacher noticed my reaction when I saw that guy walk in. It could have been my fault too. I like to relax and listen to music before class.

Somebody said the teacher was wearing a nice jacket. To be honest I really don’t notice what he wears. Well except that one time he was wearing a dorky shirt. But I never said anything to his face. What would I say? “Your shirt is dorky looking.” That is very rude.

The script was a hit! ♥0♥ It wasn’t formatted very well because it was a rough draft information dump. It was sort of formatted like a script. At least I came with something. Two of the people in my group had nothing.

Then my group was talking about Terry Crews, but they couldn’t remember his name. I don’t know him from movies, but I do know him from tv.

But this class session made me realize one of the most important things I personally need as a writer is self confidence.

Commercial Recordings — November 28, 2016

Commercial Recordings

Today was my commercial assignment. So here were the 3 I chose for class; Candilicious, Big Red, and the #LLOVEYOURAPP. Two of the ones I chose were jingles; Candilicious and Big Red. Jingles are easy plus I sort of cheated and already knew those jingles pretty well. I was going to do Juicy Fruit, but then I forgot about Family Guy. I also chose one of those Bank of America #LLOVEYOURAPP with the llama in it! He’s so cute! I like how he talks, but he really chews the cud. Every time the one I chose would come on the tv I’d recite it along with it.

Before bed I was listening to the recordings I had made. Because I heard that if you study things before bed you can learn them better.

I forgot to check my school email in the morning. I was goofing off reading about writing.

It was hard practicing on the bus or should I say listening to the 3 commercials constantly to try and learn them. Although I had been listening to them since I decided the 3 over the weekend. There was this girl who was singing/rapping loudly on the bus. She’s one of those types who has a “cooler than you” scowl on her face. She wears those shirts that say “bitch” on them. One of those “look at me!” type people. Maybe she is fresh out of high school? People like those kind of people right? I’m the weird one who doesn’t.

I downed part of a Mountain Dew before class. It was the rest of my breakfast soda. I gotta stop having Mountain Dew and bacon for breakfast. (I eat other things along side it too) Yes, I know that is “an utterly shitty breakfast”.

I got my work back and there were no comments about that whole paragraph I wrote about game shows, but I got an “A” on it so I’m not gonna complain. He tells us we should have checked our email. I didn’t check it. Oops! XoX Well there was nothing I could do by then. I signed up for the 10th place again, but it was more like 4th a lot of people either came late or didn’t present. But that is their problem and not mine.

At the beginning I thought I messed up the assignment because people were reciting 5 commercials. I was thinking “5!? I thought we had to do 3?” (The “!?” is the sign of a bad/amateur writer, but this is my blog so I don’t care this is the internet so grammar doesn’t count. Or at least that is what people always like to say) I was doubly worried from the anticipation of performing, and thinking I did the assignment wrong. All I needed was a good passing grade. Then he pointed out that it was 3 and not 5 that he changed the assignment and that if we had read our email we would have known that. I was feeling a bit off because of the Mountain Dew.

I think I did ok. Candilicious is pretty obscure; a short lived candy from 1988. Big Red not so much. Although they don’t use the jingle anymore. The Big Red jingle was very hard to sing. I was running out of breath and could not sustain the notes. But I am not a singer and this is not a singing class. That #LLOVEYOURAPP is airing right now. I just saw it on tv Sunday night after football. And the llama does not sing. I didn’t want to put all the effort into writing my own script. When I could just listen to what I was supposed to learn. Plus it’s hard to get the beats and pacing right. Wait, those are acting words. Well at least I didn’t burp like my former speech teacher did. After my part was over I was really glad I did not sing the Rockapella song. It would have been too hard to sing and nail all the parts where Barry speaks. I can’t make my voice that deep. At least it went better than the modeling school audition.

I got nervous and smelly. I think I should have really piled on the deodorant.

I think people seemed really confused by the assignment. I thought it wasn’t that hard if you sort of knew what you were doing and followed the directions. Then I wondered if people were going to end up looking up what Candilicious was. I wondered where some people got their scripts from besides transcribing your own. Two people did the same mascara commercial. I think they used this site.

That is the beauty of having a smartphone you can just pull up random things off the internet and present them in class. Somebody did this before. But these usually end up with disastrous and equally hilarious results. The guy reading the scripts was acting out the sound effects by pounding on the desk and stuff. It was like watching and listening to the radio play from the Frasier episode “Ham Radio”. I thought that person was going to say “Look out he’s got a nug!” Actually their presentation was more like when Frasier tried to sing “Buttons and Bows”. It was entertaining in a train wreck way.

Now we got a new assignment we have to write scripts in a group. So no cheating/study hax for this one since it will be written by my classmates. But I do feel listening to a recording really helped me what I was supposed to learn. So that would be my tip. I guess that also means that we don’t have a written test on the last 2 chapters of the book. Whateves I don’t care it means less stuff to study. Then we swap scrips with another group that the teacher gave us. He said we can use accents and stuff, but it can’t target specific ethnicities or orientations. I can’t say what the theme of my group script is. In case somebody from a rival group reads this blog. So now I have to go do research for it. I think I should have fun writing it. Because what is the point if you don’t?

After class I really had to go the bathroom, but by the time I got there after class all the toilets were clogged. They all got clogged after 90 minutes/2 hours? That was fast! They were not clogged when I got there in the morning before class.

When I got home I did read the email that was sent yesterday afternoon. I think I was watching football at the time. But I thought I had a pretty good grasp on the assignment even if I think I should not have used the llama commercial. (it didn’t meet all the criteria)

After I thought about it. It sort of reminded me of the  J-Pop America Fun Time Now! skit from SNL. Remember how the advisor said it was bordering on racism?

Thanksgiving ’16 — November 24, 2016

Thanksgiving ’16

Not really much to report on this Thanksgiving in the new place. With the smallness of this place it would not be a good place to invite a lot of people like 20. But it is nice to have 2 doors again and to be on the ground floor

I saw Hello Kitty and Pikachu in the parade so I was happy. They have this cute little interactive website. http://social.macys.com/parade/

Don’t forget about 1982!

I don’t know why my parents could not believe it’s been 15 years of the dog show. It was made to comfort America after 9-11. The first time I saw it I was a senior in high school. I really thought the Schnauzer was going to win, but it lost to the greyhound.

Dinner was good. Nice and filling. Lots of turkey skin 🙂 My favorite part. My mom burned the stuffing, but surprisingly I liked it. My mom turned me on to dipping Hawaiian bread into canned yam juice! ♥0♥ Sometimes she knows what’s good. Although I have yet to covert her on hashbrown sandwiches which is just fresh hashbrowns between 2 pieces of bettered toast and usually nothing else. Sometimes a fried egg.

Transcription Compression — November 22, 2016

Transcription Compression

It’s hard transcribing old commercials for my assignment. Most of them are sourced from a badly compressed video or a VHS tape from 1985 with bad sound. It’s hard to try to make out what is being said in the commercial. I’ve found that jingles are easier to learn, but harder to transcribe. And the youtube close captioning is no good.

As of writing I narrowed down to the 3 I needed for the assignment. I’ll reveal my choices in the blog about class next week. That was really really hard there were so many good ones. I used random.org to help. Now I have to memorize the ones I picked. I was seriously considering the Taco Bell Rocakpella one, but I thought it would be too hard.

But their music is my go to choice while I eat Taco Bell.

PS if anybody wants the lyrics to this commercial I transcribed them along with a few other non-Rockapella ones.

I Still Hate Poetry — November 21, 2016

I Still Hate Poetry

I played “Thank You Thanksgiving” for my mom this morning. But she didn’t say if she liked it or not. I was telling her about for some reason people like to play jazz or classical music while people eat Thanksgiving dinner or they make a songs with the word “thanks” in it playlist. Knowing my immediate family there will either be football or the Twilight Zone on in the background. I used to see this question asked all the time online back before Yahoo Answers went to shit.

It was a good thing I wore my boots because the school was pretty flooded. I have to say the drainage here for the schools and streets here are horrible. There was this nice security guard man who opened the door for me.

I turned in my assignment and I ended up writing a whole paragraph about game shows and how it related to diction. So I wonder how the teacher would react to that.

I was not worried too much about the poem. I used my secret weapon in the morning before class. A recording of the poem I found online. I have been listening to it all weekend.

He asked what order I like to pick. I like to pick #10 it’s my lucky number like I mentioned before in my blog but never told him that. But I ended up going 7th I think? Only because the first 3 slots were vacant and some people did not show up or came late. A few people who came out of the woodwork were asking about their grade. They haven’t been to class in weeks.

As everybody else recited their poetry. It reminded me of why I still hate it after all these years. I don’t want to go into to the whole story about it, but I’ll just say it involves my 5th grade teacher. I wanted to read mine really slowly because I have a habit of reading it very quickly because I get so nervous and want to get it all out.

I was goofing off and I was thinking about how I wanted to get out early like Louise Belcher. Luckily nobody did what she did. He said people weren’t paying attention. *raises hand* Guilty! *in a high pitched voice* I was writing my story because I came up with some really great ideas in the morning and before class. I really don’t like when inspiration strikes before class.

I told him I found over 40 commercials to use! I was not trying to gloat. I just can’t choose. There are so many good ones. He told me no inappropriate things like condoms, but I told him I was probably sticking to candy and toys. Now that I found out that i have to transcribe them I want to make sure I can hear the words clearly and correctly. I threw out anything with more than 2 people talking. No television promos like “Tonight on Friends Monica had trouble at the diner” then clips of the episode play. Nothing with a real song in it since I don’t have the luxury of using a smart phone to do that. Like using the song “Ladyshave” in my presentation. (BTW that is a great song) He said I could write my own, and honestly youtube really helps a lot. But it’s more fun going down memory lane than trying to write my own. Although I should really have tried to so I could flex my writing muscles.

Next Stop Disneyland! — November 20, 2016

Next Stop Disneyland!

I don’t know why I’m not convinced on the bullet journal. All these people with their fancy journal layouts. I guess I must be crazy. I don’t make all theses sprawling drawing layouts. To me it seems like the Cornell notes of journaling.

You know what I was satisfied with a few days ago? Writing 300 words. Now to most people that sounds minuscule. Laughable, and amount to be scoffed at. About 200 for one story and 100 for another. I don’t know word count doesn’t go with my writing style. I usually write everyday though or close to it; 5-7 days a week.

I need to learn how to drive, so I can do all the things I need to do. Besides going around my area to find more hobbyists which are really hard to find. They are not just a stones throw away. I want an interesting job! A job at Disneyland! If got a job there I would never stop talking about it! Like everybody else does who works there or ever has. I will meet people and say: “Hi I’m pikapal! And I work at Disneyland!”. I’ll be like all those other people. You meet them and they never shut up about their 3 kids or whatever. They are like “Hi I’m Julie, and I have twin boys named Raymond and Ryan!” That is the first thing they say when you meet them. Even the show Community made fun of this. Or at least try to get an internship at one of the local tv stations that are like in Burbank or Studio City.

I was trying to think of how to work in watching game shows in to an assignment. And I finally figured out a way to do it. More on that for another entry.

Red Alert — November 16, 2016

Red Alert

I was running late today and I forgot my sweatshirt and my snack. I thought the leftover bottle of soda I brought from breakfast could get me through class.

The movie was long ass! The notes I took were not very good. During the montage part of the movie I just wrote “montage”. It really made me think about that South Park episode “Asspen” when they show the montage part. My mind wanders a lot in class. Perhaps I have lost my touch or I got really rusty?

I thought the test was going to be printed on paper, but it was projected on the screen. The test was hard to read he wrote it in some kind of script font. I want to say Segoe Script. Besides that he didn’t maximize the window for it. I felt like Arthur in Arthur’s Eyes. I was the last one to finish only because I could not read the projected questions. I just wanted to know if he wanted the notes I took on the movie because some teachers collect things like that.

When I left there was an accident I thought the bus would skip over the stop I’ve seen things happen like this before. All the response cars were parked like right in front of the bus stop. Even though the accident happened a little bit further from the stop. So I decided to walk to the other bus stop just to be safe. When I was waiting at the other bus stop I saw this person decked out in all red. Red pants, shirt, shoes, sweatshirt, backpack and nail polish. They were wearing a headband home made horns or cat ears on it.

I saw this girl with a C3PO hair bow. It had like a picture of him on like a button attached to a light blue hair bow. It would have looked so much nicer with a metallic ribbon like gold or something.
image host

I am having so many problems with Windows 10 why does it not want to work properly or even semi properly? But I got if fixed eventually so it was ok.

Writer’s Poison — November 15, 2016

Writer’s Poison

These nano people are annoying. Stop writing/blogging/vlogging about writing! They really want to talk about all the tools like coffee and potato chips or whatever your “writing poison” is. Mine is obviously not yerba mate tea. I guess I’m weird once I realized a good writer that does not make. You can chug all the tea you want and listen to all the “writers music” that ever existed. It still won’t make you a better writer. The month is like half over so I don’t have to hear about them for long. I liked this guy’s perspective on it. But you dare not speak out about it. This guy has a good perspective also, and about if you are a writer or not.

I love breaded and fried cauliflower! I saw it on a youtube video. I hated cauliflower before that. I tried it boiled like my mom eats it and raw in a salad bar.

Since that I’m leaving my storage now the annoying lady who works there is being all nice to me now that she knows that I’m leaving. All those months when you would not answer your phone during business hours, be in your office and just being a jerk in general.

I had this great blog all written out, but I lost the paper it was on. 😦

Idea Hoppers — November 14, 2016

Idea Hoppers

I really want to drive I’m sick of being crammed in the bus and having to carry around all my stuff around campus. Then I had this great story idea like right before class. Which totally sucks because I want to write it out like right before class and inspiration strikes. I was thinking about how I’m considered a bad writer because I keep hoppin’ from project to project or trying to write things concurrently. But the strange thing is that my mind can seem to bounce around for each idea, and it doesn’t usually confuse me. There have been a few times though that it did.

When I got to class the teacher told me that I got a good grade on my 2 projects. I thought I did so-so on the tongue twisters, but I didn’t.

I don’t know why the teacher keeps mentioning Mr. Disney to me. He told me that guy is not coming to class. I don’t really mind/care if that guy comes to class or not. I got nothing against the guy I just wonder why the teacher thinks we are like friends or something.

I asked all my questions about the assignment I ended up inquiring over the weekend. He said I could use PSAs (public service announcements) and commercials with jingles so that opens up a whole new door for me. But he would not let me use 2 commercials that were 15 seconds each even though they were for the same product, and had the same spokes person. He asked how I calculated the time. I said I just used the youtube video time thing that tells you how long the video is. But he said they all have to be 30 seconds. He said he is going to judge it like he would a radio ad. I like drowning myself in this project it takes my mind of politics which is making me irate, sad and confused.

He told me I got a good grade on the group project, and that the other people in my group got a bad grade. They had written what they were supposed to do on a paper for the 2 of them to use. I was not responsible for that. One of them lost it. I mean if they would have told me to hold on for them I would have. I still think I could have carried the project on my own after what happened to me before.

I noticed my hair is getting really long. It hasn’t been this long in years. It’s too long to make a bun now it needs help. Then I started thinking why do metal hair clips smell funny?

So we are watching The King’s Speech in class. I should have watched the movie when it was on tv I think last month. I was watching football and Webster instead. I would have had sort of an edge. He said we could take notes on the movie, but I was not sure how to take them. I used to be so good at this stuff! >o< According to most websites about the movie say that it is historically inaccurate.

I really wish somebody made something called “Lemon Loops”. It was a box of only lemon Fruit Loops an no other flavors. I know i could make my own like the people do who make those pure marshmallow bags of Lucky Charms. But I’m lazy and I want something pre-manufactured.


Squeeze Play — November 9, 2016

Squeeze Play

I was in a depressed daze all morning.

I got stuck in a tight squeeze on the bus. I was sitting next to a heavy girl and well I’m not too skinny myself.

I had been listening to things to help me for class today. Some Brother Preacher and some recorded tongue twisters.

The teacher said I’ve done all the assignments so far. That is a relief.

I remember when my dad made me sign up for 7AM classes and I couldn’t handle it. I would not in my right mind sign up for a class that started at 6:30AM even if I did drive a car. The teacher said people in his early class were blaming Trump being elected as to why they didn’t do their homework.

He said he didn’t know why so few people are coming to class.In my observations it seems that a lot of the classes that are held in the “9:45 AM class glut” and for some reason people seem to drop them. That class is only held in the fall and this time only at 9:45 AM there are no other class sessions for diction. He thought me mentioning the class glut was funny for some reason. Which I mentioned before on here.

The teacher asked who was in my group. I knew the name of one person because I had worked with her before. He knows I’m not social in there. I just like to sit there and write and sometimes listen to music. I think I know the names of like 3 students in there? But once I described her voice and hair style he knew who I was talking about. She was not there (yet).

It reminded me back when I was in freshman English back when I was at CSUF during my 1st semester. We had to do a presentation and one of the people in the group abandoned us. He was one of those frat boys. I liked the other person in my group she was cool. She played soccer, rode a Razor scooter and liked the song “Teenage Dirtbag” by Wheatus. (That sounds so early 2000s and it was in 2002) I remember one time that girl asked me what was that orange CD in my portable player. Back when everybody had portable CD players. I told her it was No Doubt’s “Tragic Kingdom”. I was always listening to “Tragic Kingdom” back then. Anyway the English teacher just graded us on what we did and I’m pretty sure we both got a good grade. It was funny because I had told them that the last class session when we were planning out what to do.

Anyway back to what happened in the class. So I thought I was gonna have to do it alone. Whatever I didn’t really care doesn’t bother me doesn’t scare me! I thought “if they are not going to go up here I’ll just wing it.” I pretty much knew what to do anyway. Then somebody in my group said you don’t have to go up there alone and the other 2 people came up. I don’t know I did my part. I did a very horrible Brother Preacher impersonation. I just said I was speaking like a Southern person or something like that.

The we had to recite our tongue twisters. I signed up for the 10th spot like before. Ten is my lucky number and I will usually pick it if it is available. He gave us a list of ones we had to read from. Luckily Betty Botter and Tutor to Toot were on there which were from those old PBS Kids spots. So all I needed was 3 more since we had to recite 5. I had used the ones from the old PBS thing and made a recording of them to listen to. To get the intonation correct. I cold read them. I hoped I did ok. Only because I was not sure how I did. Some other person just started reading random tongue twisters off their phone. Making up shit. I love that! The teacher is confused he didn’t assign those.

We have an assignment where you have to reenact commercials. So I asked if they needed to be real or fake. Some teachers are very specific about this. They either want real or fake. He said I could do both.

After class the teacher told me how I did on the tongue twisters. I accidentally ignored the teacher. He wanted to know why I picked one of the hardest ones. I really just picked it at random. I didn’t want any with a bunch of “wh” sounds. Like always I got excited/scared and spoke too fast. It sounds slower in my head.

I’ve been looking for old commercials on youtube. I found some really good ones. But some of the ones I want to use are either too short or are mainly just jingles and not really spoken. I’ll save my questions for next class. Maybe I should bring back Ritalin Cola? Ritalin Cola was an old joke from an old project I did about fake commercials in 6th grade that nobody really got the joke about. That was 20 years ago so the joke is not relevant now. The problem was that I was accused of ripping off some popular girl’s commercial that she made in March called “Shamrock Cola”. (I know this isn’t the I didn’t rip off the Shamrock Cola blog) My junior high had really horrible electives. I think the teachers just taught about what they majored in college. Who teaches junior high kids about commercial production?

I’m trying to figure out how to get to Canada. I don’t care if I have to be homeless to live there.