I was in a depressed daze all morning.

I got stuck in a tight squeeze on the bus. I was sitting next to a heavy girl and well I’m not too skinny myself.

I had been listening to things to help me for class today. Some Brother Preacher and some recorded tongue twisters.

The teacher said I’ve done all the assignments so far. That is a relief.

I remember when my dad made me sign up for 7AM classes and I couldn’t handle it. I would not in my right mind sign up for a class that started at 6:30AM even if I did drive a car. The teacher said people in his early class were blaming Trump being elected as to why they didn’t do their homework.

He said he didn’t know why so few people are coming to class.In my observations it seems that a lot of the classes that are held in the “9:45 AM class glut” and for some reason people seem to drop them. That class is only held in the fall and this time only at 9:45 AM there are no other class sessions for diction. He thought me mentioning the class glut was funny for some reason. Which I mentioned before on here.

The teacher asked who was in my group. I knew the name of one person because I had worked with her before. He knows I’m not social in there. I just like to sit there and write and sometimes listen to music. I think I know the names of like 3 students in there? But once I described her voice and hair style he knew who I was talking about. She was not there (yet).

It reminded me back when I was in freshman English back when I was at CSUF during my 1st semester. We had to do a presentation and one of the people in the group abandoned us. He was one of those frat boys. I liked the other person in my group she was cool. She played soccer, rode a Razor scooter and liked the song “Teenage Dirtbag” by Wheatus. (That sounds so early 2000s and it was in 2002) I remember one time that girl asked me what was that orange CD in my portable player. Back when everybody had portable CD players. I told her it was No Doubt’s “Tragic Kingdom”. I was always listening to “Tragic Kingdom” back then. Anyway the English teacher just graded us on what we did and I’m pretty sure we both got a good grade. It was funny because I had told them that the last class session when we were planning out what to do.

Anyway back to what happened in the class. So I thought I was gonna have to do it alone. Whatever I didn’t really care doesn’t bother me doesn’t scare me! I thought “if they are not going to go up here I’ll just wing it.” I pretty much knew what to do anyway. Then somebody in my group said you don’t have to go up there alone and the other 2 people came up. I don’t know I did my part. I did a very horrible Brother Preacher impersonation. I just said I was speaking like a Southern person or something like that.

The we had to recite our tongue twisters. I signed up for the 10th spot like before. Ten is my lucky number and I will usually pick it if it is available. He gave us a list of ones we had to read from. Luckily Betty Botter and Tutor to Toot were on there which were from those old PBS Kids spots. So all I needed was 3 more since we had to recite 5. I had used the ones from the old PBS thing and made a recording of them to listen to. To get the intonation correct. I cold read them. I hoped I did ok. Only because I was not sure how I did. Some other person just started reading random tongue twisters off their phone. Making up shit. I love that! The teacher is confused he didn’t assign those.

We have an assignment where you have to reenact commercials. So I asked if they needed to be real or fake. Some teachers are very specific about this. They either want real or fake. He said I could do both.

After class the teacher told me how I did on the tongue twisters. I accidentally ignored the teacher. He wanted to know why I picked one of the hardest ones. I really just picked it at random. I didn’t want any with a bunch of “wh” sounds. Like always I got excited/scared and spoke too fast. It sounds slower in my head.

I’ve been looking for old commercials on youtube. I found some really good ones. But some of the ones I want to use are either too short or are mainly just jingles and not really spoken. I’ll save my questions for next class. Maybe I should bring back Ritalin Cola? Ritalin Cola was an old joke from an old project I did about fake commercials in 6th grade that nobody really got the joke about. That was 20 years ago so the joke is not relevant now. The problem was that I was accused of ripping off some popular girl’s commercial that she made in March called “Shamrock Cola”. (I know this isn’t the I didn’t rip off the Shamrock Cola blog) My junior high had really horrible electives. I think the teachers just taught about what they majored in college. Who teaches junior high kids about commercial production?

I’m trying to figure out how to get to Canada. I don’t care if I have to be homeless to live there.