I really want to drive I’m sick of being crammed in the bus and having to carry around all my stuff around campus. Then I had this great story idea like right before class. Which totally sucks because I want to write it out like right before class and inspiration strikes. I was thinking about how I’m considered a bad writer because I keep hoppin’ from project to project or trying to write things concurrently. But the strange thing is that my mind can seem to bounce around for each idea, and it doesn’t usually confuse me. There have been a few times though that it did.

When I got to class the teacher told me that I got a good grade on my 2 projects. I thought I did so-so on the tongue twisters, but I didn’t.

I don’t know why the teacher keeps mentioning Mr. Disney to me. He told me that guy is not coming to class. I don’t really mind/care if that guy comes to class or not. I got nothing against the guy I just wonder why the teacher thinks we are like friends or something.

I asked all my questions about the assignment I ended up inquiring over the weekend. He said I could use PSAs (public service announcements) and commercials with jingles so that opens up a whole new door for me. But he would not let me use 2 commercials that were 15 seconds each even though they were for the same product, and had the same spokes person. He asked how I calculated the time. I said I just used the youtube video time thing that tells you how long the video is. But he said they all have to be 30 seconds. He said he is going to judge it like he would a radio ad. I like drowning myself in this project it takes my mind of politics which is making me irate, sad and confused.

He told me I got a good grade on the group project, and that the other people in my group got a bad grade. They had written what they were supposed to do on a paper for the 2 of them to use. I was not responsible for that. One of them lost it. I mean if they would have told me to hold on for them I would have. I still think I could have carried the project on my own after what happened to me before.

I noticed my hair is getting really long. It hasn’t been this long in years. It’s too long to make a bun now it needs help. Then I started thinking why do metal hair clips smell funny?

So we are watching The King’s Speech in class. I should have watched the movie when it was on tv I think last month. I was watching football and Webster instead. I would have had sort of an edge. He said we could take notes on the movie, but I was not sure how to take them. I used to be so good at this stuff! >o< According to most websites about the movie say that it is historically inaccurate.

I really wish somebody made something called “Lemon Loops”. It was a box of only lemon Fruit Loops an no other flavors. I know i could make my own like the people do who make those pure marshmallow bags of Lucky Charms. But I’m lazy and I want something pre-manufactured.