I was running late today and I forgot my sweatshirt and my snack. I thought the leftover bottle of soda I brought from breakfast could get me through class.

The movie was long ass! The notes I took were not very good. During the montage part of the movie I just wrote “montage”. It really made me think about that South Park episode “Asspen” when they show the montage part. My mind wanders a lot in class. Perhaps I have lost my touch or I got really rusty?

I thought the test was going to be printed on paper, but it was projected on the screen. The test was hard to read he wrote it in some kind of script font. I want to say Segoe Script. Besides that he didn’t maximize the window for it. I felt like Arthur in Arthur’s Eyes. I was the last one to finish only because I could not read the projected questions. I just wanted to know if he wanted the notes I took on the movie because some teachers collect things like that.

When I left there was an accident I thought the bus would skip over the stop I’ve seen things happen like this before. All the response cars were parked like right in front of the bus stop. Even though the accident happened a little bit further from the stop. So I decided to walk to the other bus stop just to be safe. When I was waiting at the other bus stop I saw this person decked out in all red. Red pants, shirt, shoes, sweatshirt, backpack and nail polish. They were wearing a headband home made horns or cat ears on it.

I saw this girl with a C3PO hair bow. It had like a picture of him on like a button attached to a light blue hair bow. It would have looked so much nicer with a metallic ribbon like gold or something.
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I am having so many problems with Windows 10 why does it not want to work properly or even semi properly? But I got if fixed eventually so it was ok.