I don’t know why I’m not convinced on the bullet journal. All these people with their fancy journal layouts. I guess I must be crazy. I don’t make all theses sprawling drawing layouts. To me it seems like the Cornell notes of journaling.

You know what I was satisfied with a few days ago? Writing 300 words. Now to most people that sounds minuscule. Laughable, and amount to be scoffed at. About 200 for one story and 100 for another. I don’t know word count doesn’t go with my writing style. I usually write everyday though or close to it; 5-7 days a week.

I need to learn how to drive, so I can do all the things I need to do. Besides going around my area to find more hobbyists which are really hard to find. They are not just a stones throw away. I want an interesting job! A job at Disneyland! If got a job there I would never stop talking about it! Like everybody else does who works there or ever has. I will meet people and say: “Hi I’m pikapal! And I work at Disneyland!”. I’ll be like all those other people. You meet them and they never shut up about their 3 kids or whatever. They are like “Hi I’m Julie, and I have twin boys named Raymond and Ryan!” That is the first thing they say when you meet them. Even the show Community made fun of this. Or at least try to get an internship at one of the local tv stations that are like in Burbank or Studio City.

I was trying to think of how to work in watching game shows in to an assignment. And I finally figured out a way to do it. More on that for another entry.