I played “Thank You Thanksgiving” for my mom this morning. But she didn’t say if she liked it or not. I was telling her about for some reason people like to play jazz or classical music while people eat Thanksgiving dinner or they make a songs with the word “thanks” in it playlist. Knowing my immediate family there will either be football or the Twilight Zone on in the background. I used to see this question asked all the time online back before Yahoo Answers went to shit.

It was a good thing I wore my boots because the school was pretty flooded. I have to say the drainage here for the schools and streets here are horrible. There was this nice security guard man who opened the door for me.

I turned in my assignment and I ended up writing a whole paragraph about game shows and how it related to diction. So I wonder how the teacher would react to that.

I was not worried too much about the poem. I used my secret weapon in the morning before class. A recording of the poem I found online. I have been listening to it all weekend.

He asked what order I like to pick. I like to pick #10 it’s my lucky number like I mentioned before in my blog but never told him that. But I ended up going 7th I think? Only because the first 3 slots were vacant and some people did not show up or came late. A few people who came out of the woodwork were asking about their grade. They haven’t been to class in weeks.

As everybody else recited their poetry. It reminded me of why I still hate it after all these years. I don’t want to go into to the whole story about it, but I’ll just say it involves my 5th grade teacher. I wanted to read mine really slowly because I have a habit of reading it very quickly because I get so nervous and want to get it all out.

I was goofing off and I was thinking about how I wanted to get out early like Louise Belcher. Luckily nobody did what she did. He said people weren’t paying attention. *raises hand* Guilty! *in a high pitched voice* I was writing my story because I came up with some really great ideas in the morning and before class. I really don’t like when inspiration strikes before class.

I told him I found over 40 commercials to use! I was not trying to gloat. I just can’t choose. There are so many good ones. He told me no inappropriate things like condoms, but I told him I was probably sticking to candy and toys. Now that I found out that i have to transcribe them I want to make sure I can hear the words clearly and correctly. I threw out anything with more than 2 people talking. No television promos like “Tonight on Friends Monica had trouble at the diner” then clips of the episode play. Nothing with a real song in it since I don’t have the luxury of using a smart phone to do that. Like using the song “Ladyshave” in my presentation. (BTW that is a great song) He said I could write my own, and honestly youtube really helps a lot. But it’s more fun going down memory lane than trying to write my own. Although I should really have tried to so I could flex my writing muscles.