It’s hard transcribing old commercials for my assignment. Most of them are sourced from a badly compressed video or a VHS tape from 1985 with bad sound. It’s hard to try to make out what is being said in the commercial. I’ve found that jingles are easier to learn, but harder to transcribe. And the youtube close captioning is no good.

As of writing I narrowed down to the 3 I needed for the assignment. I’ll reveal my choices in the blog about class next week. That was really really hard there were so many good ones. I used to help. Now I have to memorize the ones I picked. I was seriously considering the Taco Bell Rocakpella one, but I thought it would be too hard.

But their music is my go to choice while I eat Taco Bell.

PS if anybody wants the lyrics to this commercial I transcribed them along with a few other non-Rockapella ones.