Not really much to report on this Thanksgiving in the new place. With the smallness of this place it would not be a good place to invite a lot of people like 20. But it is nice to have 2 doors again and to be on the ground floor

I saw Hello Kitty and Pikachu in the parade so I was happy. They have this cute little interactive website.

Don’t forget about 1982!

I don’t know why my parents could not believe it’s been 15 years of the dog show. It was made to comfort America after 9-11. The first time I saw it I was a senior in high school. I really thought the Schnauzer was going to win, but it lost to the greyhound.

Dinner was good. Nice and filling. Lots of turkey skin ūüôā My favorite part. My mom burned the stuffing, but surprisingly I liked it. My mom turned me on to dipping Hawaiian bread into canned yam juice! ‚ô•0‚ô• Sometimes she knows what’s good. Although I have yet to covert her on hashbrown sandwiches which is just fresh hashbrowns between 2 pieces of bettered toast and usually nothing else. Sometimes a fried egg.