Today was my commercial assignment. So here were the 3 I chose for class; Candilicious, Big Red, and the #LLOVEYOURAPP. Two of the ones I chose were jingles; Candilicious and Big Red. Jingles are easy plus I sort of cheated and already knew those jingles pretty well. I was going to do Juicy Fruit, but then I forgot about Family Guy. I also chose one of those Bank of America #LLOVEYOURAPP with the llama in it! He’s so cute! I like how he talks, but he really chews the cud. Every time the one I chose would come on the tv I’d recite it along with it.

Before bed I was listening to the recordings I had made. Because I heard that if you study things before bed you can learn them better.

I forgot to check my school email in the morning. I was goofing off reading about writing.

It was hard practicing on the bus or should I say listening to the 3 commercials constantly to try and learn them. Although I had been listening to them since I decided the 3 over the weekend. There was this girl who was singing/rapping loudly on the bus. She’s one of those types who has a “cooler than you” scowl on her face. She wears those shirts that say “bitch” on them. One of those “look at me!” type people. Maybe she is fresh out of high school? People like those kind of people right? I’m the weird one who doesn’t.

I downed part of a Mountain Dew before class. It was the rest of my breakfast soda. I gotta stop having Mountain Dew and bacon for breakfast. (I eat other things along side it too) Yes, I know that is “an utterly shitty breakfast”.

I got my work back and there were no comments about that whole paragraph I wrote about game shows, but I got an “A” on it so I’m not gonna complain. He tells us we should have checked our email. I didn’t check it. Oops! XoX Well there was nothing I could do by then. I signed up for the 10th place again, but it was more like 4th a lot of people either came late or didn’t present. But that is their problem and not mine.

At the beginning I thought I messed up the assignment because people were reciting 5 commercials. I was thinking “5!? I thought we had to do 3?” (The “!?” is the sign of a bad/amateur writer, but this is my blog so I don’t care this is the internet so grammar doesn’t count. Or at least that is what people always like to say) I was doubly worried from the anticipation of performing, and thinking I did the assignment wrong. All I needed was a good passing grade. Then he pointed out that it was 3 and not 5 that he changed the assignment and that if we had read our email we would have known that. I was feeling a bit off because of the Mountain Dew.

I think I did ok. Candilicious is pretty obscure; a short lived candy from 1988. Big Red not so much. Although they don’t use the jingle anymore. The Big Red jingle was very hard to sing. I was running out of breath and could not sustain the notes. But I am not a singer and this is not a singing class. That #LLOVEYOURAPP is airing right now. I just saw it on tv Sunday night after football. And the llama does not sing. I didn’t want to put all the effort into writing my own script. When I could just listen to what I was supposed to learn. Plus it’s hard to get the beats and pacing right. Wait, those are acting words. Well at least I didn’t burp like my former speech teacher did. After my part was over I was really glad I did not sing the Rockapella song. It would have been too hard to sing and nail all the parts where Barry speaks. I can’t make my voice that deep. At least it went better than the modeling school audition.

I got nervous and smelly. I think I should have really piled on the deodorant.

I think people seemed really confused by the assignment. I thought it wasn’t that hard if you sort of knew what you were doing and followed the directions. Then I wondered if people were going to end up looking up what Candilicious was. I wondered where some people got their scripts from besides transcribing your own. Two people did the same mascara commercial. I think they used this site.

That is the beauty of having a smartphone you can just pull up random things off the internet and present them in class. Somebody did this before. But these usually end up with disastrous and equally hilarious results. The guy reading the scripts was acting out the sound effects by pounding on the desk and stuff. It was like watching and listening to the radio play from the Frasier episode “Ham Radio”. I thought that person was going to say “Look out he’s got a nug!” Actually their presentation was more like when Frasier tried to sing “Buttons and Bows”. It was entertaining in a train wreck way.

Now we got a new assignment we have to write scripts in a group. So no cheating/study hax for this one since it will be written by my classmates. But I do feel listening to a recording really helped me what I was supposed to learn. So that would be my tip. I guess that also means that we don’t have a written test on the last 2 chapters of the book. Whateves I don’t care it means less stuff to study. Then we swap scrips with another group that the teacher gave us. He said we can use accents and stuff, but it can’t target specific ethnicities or orientations. I can’t say what the theme of my group script is. In case somebody from a rival group reads this blog. So now I have to go do research for it. I think I should have fun writing it. Because what is the point if you don’t?

After class I really had to go the bathroom, but by the time I got there after class all the toilets were clogged. They all got clogged after 90 minutes/2 hours? That was fast! They were not clogged when I got there in the morning before class.

When I got home I did read the email that was sent yesterday afternoon. I think I was watching football at the time. But I thought I had a pretty good grasp on the assignment even if I think I should not have used the llama commercial. (it didn’t meet all the criteria)

After I thought about it. It sort of reminded me of the  J-Pop America Fun Time Now! skit from SNL. Remember how the advisor said it was bordering on racism?